Reign Fam, you all know what time it is!

It’s time to get to know our Member of The Month and for March 2016, we will be getting to know Eleanor!

Again, if you don’t know yet, every month we choose one Reign Fitness Member that exemplifies everything we are about. Hardworking, fit fam/community oriented, someone who overcomes challenges, and most importantly an individual that displays a contagious positive attitude.


Eleanor, is all that and a bag of chips.

She truly is an awesome member, someone who radiates with positivity, and so deserving to be our March 2016 Member of the month.

And her answers in this interview are so AMAZING. They’re all so real and inspiring.


Okay, enough talking. Here is Eleanor….


Name: Eleanor Foster-Mathew also known as Boo (Nickname)

Age: 38

Occupation: I am a WorkFirst Program Specialist with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). I am a case manager with a caseload of clients who are pregnant or parenting kids under the age of 18; whom are currently experiencing or have experienced Domestic or Family Violence that hinders their daily functioning.

1. What inspired you to come to Reign?

Ericka Johnson-Pollard (E$), inspired me to come to Reign! She would ALWAYS keep me informed on her current workouts locations and I would ALWAYS try them out! Ericka brought me to other gyms and after those experiences her recommendations became a little questionable…LOL. She then called saying, “you know Mesha and Albert got their own spot now in Renton”…she invited me to a workout and I knew shortly after I found my home with Reign!


2. Tell us a little about yourself. What’s a Day in the Life of Eleanor? 

I have a FULL plate!!! I wake up in the morning at 3:30amto prepare for my AM workout and to make sandwiches for lunch because they do not like when they sit in the refrigerator all night, they like them fresh. I talk to my dad and kiss him goodbye because he is an early riser and leaves at about 4:15amon access to go to dialysis three times a week.  I am at Reign early 4:30am ish to do some mobility to prepare to start the workout at 5am. I then go home, shower and get ready for work. I also get my lil guy, Gantrell ready for School. My husband does help get him ready on the days he is not starting work before 7:00am. I drop my son, Romello off at the bus stop to go to Cleveland where he is in the 10th grade and I drop Gantrell of at Shorewood Christian School where he is in kindergarten…all before heading to work, where I have to be by 7:30am.

I am off work at 4:00pm which I usually go and pick-up my lil guy from the boys and girls club or after school care, where he goes after school until one of us are off of work and able to pick him up. I am the primary care provider for my father, he resides with us and will be 80 years old in May. After work is also the time I usually schedule his doctor’s appointments so I do not have to miss that much time from work…and he has a lot of them!

I then cook dinner or lately my son, Romello has been doing some cooking!!!! He is a pretty good cook and he is starting to help in that area more which I am excited about having the help. After dinner, get Gantrell showered and in bed by 7:30pm, that is his bedtime. I also pull clothes out for ironing, start to prepare lunches (except the sandwiches) and all else needed for the next day.

I then have been going to do cardio at LA Fitness but will be starting water aerobics in the PM at Southwest with Ericka and her, husband.

I then shower and get in the bed to do it ALL again the next day.


3. Tell us about your family. What are they like? What do they think and feel about your commitment to your health and fitness goals? 

My family, I am the ONLY woman in a house full of men and young men (manly men) at that. My husband, Gantry is a hard working family man who loves to work out and has never had an issue or problem with weight. My dad, Johnnie is almost 80 years and he has always been a rolling stone, he had nine kids by five different women and there was talk of a tenth in Canada. He is a riot, he has so many hilarious stories and he still thinks he is a player to this day! I have to constantly remind him…She DON’T WANT you Papa! It is funny and embarrassing because he can hardly hear so when we are out in public and he talks about women and he thinks he is whispering…he is NOT! My son, Romello is 15 years old and in the 10thgrade and is taking driver’s education to get his license in July. He likes to cook and is pretty good at it. He is a good kid who tries to test authority at times but is swiftly put back in line!  At this age is his into himself, sports (football, basketball and track) and girls…OMG, HELP ME! My little guy, Gantrell is 6 years old and he is a ball of energy. He loves sports, football and basketball and he copies everything he sees his dad and brother do! He is really close with my dad and I believe he keeps my dad going and looking for to what the day will bring.

I have a daughter, DeAngela who is 23 years old and lives in Federal Way with her daughter, my granddaughter, Lyric who is 3 years old. My daughter is a source of my support and strength. YES, I said 23 years old…y’all do the math! LOL J

I also have two nephews whom are an extremely important part of my life, Scott and Marcus. The are the two son’s of my sister, DaR’Rel  who WE lost exactly one year and six months to the day before I lost my mom, Betty. Scott is the youngest of the two but is amazing, loving, caring and giving man and WE have been a great source of support for one another. My nephew, Marcus is also an amazing man whom I love dearly. He is 2 years older than, Scott but was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years back and Scott has been his primary caretaker since, they live together. These two mean the world to me; I would do anything I can for them and it has been a struggle since losing my sister (their mom) and my mom (their grandmother). I WILL ALWAYS do all I can to love and support them the best I can because my mom and sister wouldn’t want it any other way!

I have a sister, Charlotte; we call her Charlee and I love her and my niece, London dearly. We have a tumultuous relationship and I continuously pray that we can get it together and have a sisterly relationships like so many that I admire because that is what my mom would want. My niece, London is extremely smart, crafty, talented and loves to play sports.

They all have witnessed my struggles’ and battles with weight, food and emotions since losing my mom and they want me to succeed! They are really supportive, honest to a fault…LOL and caring. It is hard for them to show compassion because my struggles have never been theirs, but they try. They want me to be successful, reach my goals and find my true happiness! My husband has realized this is something he cannot help me with or fix and something I have to do for myself! They have seen a change in me and have expressed what they have witnessed. One day at a time, putting in a constant effort, being conscious, mindful and working towards my goals…I know I will get there.


4. Favorite Cheat Meal? 

Food. PERIOD! I love potatoes, sweets a good burger or pizza! I am like Mikey from the old Chex commercial…food, I like it, I like it!


5. Who is your HERO and why? 

My Mom was my Shero! She believed in me, when I didn’t believe in myself. She was my savior, literally through and from all the tragedy I endured in my life. She was my strength when I was weak. I witnessed her struggles from being a single mother, low income and raising her children with what she had…she taught me the true meaning of sacrifice, love and resilience! No matter what was going on in her life she made sure WE were alright. She accepted me for exactly who I was; she always loved me unconditionally and never judged, despite the many mistakes I have made. She would let me fall but would be the first on there to pick me up, dust me off and encourage me to keep pushing. She was always supportive; had my back and was always down for a good fight (literally)…we are from the hood, LOL! If I made a choice she didn’t agree with she loved me through it and never ever said, I told you so! She was so caring, empathetic and compassionate. She had a giving heart and spirit. She was so selfless and would give you her last. She was also honest to a fault because she would definitely tell you about yourself and TRUST the truth can hurt! She was my BEST friend, my confidant, my voice of reason and my sweetheart…I would affectionately call her my sweetthang!  She was my light though some dark times and she never left my side, she was my heart. She would pray for me and wanted only the best for me. She had the hope and faith that I would be great and alright! If I could be half the women she was, then I would be GREAT! I miss her so much every day; my life has not been the same without her. She was my Shero because she was a survivor, an overcomer and all that she had gone through NEVER hardened her heart or dimmed her light; she remained selfless and humble through it all.


6. If you could go on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ what would you showcase? 

I love music and dancing and I would like to believe I am a great dancer, but it could be the drinks that have me thinking that way…LOL! I will drop it like nobody’s business, drop it low and sweep the floor with it! JI love all types of dancing; belly dancing, tap dancing, salsa, ballroom, hip hop, pole dancing, line dancing and stepping (big in Chicago – the Chi), etc! I have tried it all and would love to make more time for it because I truly enjoy it!


7. What’s your favorite exercise and why? What’s your least favorite and why?

I love to lift weights; something about the iron gets me every time! I really feel there is something about striving to reach a goal; then total pride and excitement when you PR…then onto the next goal! I am most proud of my weight lifting accomplishments and strength because that is ALL ME!!!



8. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their fitness journey?

 I know from personal experience you have to make up in your mind that you are READY for change in order to give it you all. There are no quick fixes; only consistent work, effort and dedication to eating, exercise/moving and most of all changing your mindset. You will have bumps in the road along your journey/path but DON’T allow the trials to get you off of track; instead use it as fuel to keep pushing and striving for greatness. NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT because you will get there; trust yourself and the process. You are not alone you will have the support of your loved ones, friends, family and if you are at  Reign Fitness you will have the support of the Reign community…AND there is nothing like it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help or lean on your support because you will be better for it. Know that you are worth it, you are capable and will be better for it! Now, Got get your Blessings because you deserve it!


9. Favorite television show? 

Fit To Fat To Fit, reality shows and anything on the ID channel!!!


10. Favorite song to workout to? 

I don’t have a favorite song but I like to work out to hip hop and some upbeat R&B from artists like, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Outcast, Nelly, T.I, Trina, Eve, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, etc. and all the current upbeat dance hits and women empowerment song, like survivor, who runs the world, roar, etc.




11. What are your future health and fitness goals?

I want to continue to change my mindset in regards to food. I have always had a bad relationship with food as long as I can remember. I am an emotional eater and food has always been an area in which if have failed. I want to learn to eat to fuel my body and NOT my emotions. I want and strive to have a good and healthy relationship with food. Physically, I want to continue to increase my strength. I have not been under 200 pounds in the 2000’s, my ultimate goal is to get to 185…PRAY FOR ME, YIKES!


12. How has Reign affected & helped your life outside the gym?

I have family but unfortunately we are not close. I have made some true, genuine and meaningful relationships at Reign. The community is always so welcoming, encouraging and supportive. The Coaches, genuinely and wholeheartedly care and have my best interest at heart. They are passionate about fitness and people being healthy.

I have forged some bonds with a group of ladies and one amigo that are unbreakable! They encourage me, support me, are always there, always wanting to help, always extending themselves to make sure I am alright and to make me better…they are my family!!! They have been my quiet place through many storms, they have been my voice of reason, my safe place and also my truth at times (which they could have keep to themselves because the truth still hurts), they have been my accountability partners and I am grateful for each them! They believe in me so much…they make me believe. My S.Q.U.A.D, Ericka (E$ aka my chocolate drop), Mary (LaoEasy –N&D J), Marky and Markita (I love you both), Felicia (my Brazilian love) and  Dawn (incredible hulktress) and Elmer (El Papi Dolla’s, because he looks like a pimp and we look like his stable when he has all of us ladies on his arm for a picture)…However, those last 2 lead DOUBLE LIVES but WE love them anyways…LOL.

Mesha, I am grateful for your caring, support, REAL talks (which are not nice, the truth still hurts), encouragement and love. Willie (BIG Willz), I am grateful for your encouragement, push, wisdom, support, caring and love.

I am grateful for you ALL and the entire Reign family for your love, support and encouragement has definitely changed my life…thank you for loving me through it all and for NEVER giving up on me!



13. What do you LOVE about yourself? And Why? 

This was the hardest question and I even sent a text Mesha to ask her, WHY did she ask me this question!? I really struggled with this question, Mesha sent me this questionnaire on the 7thand I am just completing it today the 14th. I have had an extremely rough life from, sexual abuse as a child, feelings of unworthiness, domestic violence and being a teenage parent; my mom is the one that gave me my love because I never loved or liked myself. when I would look at myself all I would see were the things I hated about myself and/or things I wanted to change. I never felt pretty, worthy, valued, lacked confidence and had low self-esteem. My functioning mechanism and how I measured my success was by taking care of others; if they were alright then I did what I was supposed to do. My mom was my positive, my voice of reason and my light through my many years of darkness…if she believed then I did too! To think about this is making me cry because I still struggle and I am a work in progress.

I have to say my husband, family, friends and my Reign Fitness family believe so much I have started to believe and there has been a boost to my self-esteem and confidence. I love my heart because despite ALL of the obstacles I encountered it never stopped me from loving and giving of myself! when I look in the mirror, I still see things that I want to change but I now see things that  I like or I feel look good!!! I now tell myself in the mirror, you look good girl…don’t hurt em, they ain’t even ready! LOL. I have notice because of my support system, my constant effort to change emotionally and spiritually…I have noticed growth and I am getting better. Overall, I do love myself because I have survived, endured and I am unbroken but even more I love the fact that I am loved!



Fill In The Blank…


I Love…my people (family, friends, community, etc).

I Am…hopeful about a new normal.

I Wish…I had more time with my mom and sister.

I Eat…clean and drink dirty…LOL


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