This 4 week Nutrition Accelerator is designed to help you dial in your nutrition for your individual goals.

There is no winner or loser because this is not a competition . Look in the mirror… That is your competition.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, put on lean muscle, or just get your nutrition under control… This Accelerator Program can help you do it.


This one isn’t for everyone.

Before you decide on committing to this program please make sure to review the criteria below.

You will be required to…

– Track Food
– Focus on Quality of Food and track
– Focus on Quantity of Food and track
– Maintain a consistent training/fitness program

*Please keep in mind that this Accelerator Group will be only focusing on the Nutrition and a training program consisting of active 2-3 days is required. There will be no specific coaching for the fitness.

The 4 Week Accelerator will Include…

– Private Nutrition Accelerator Facebook Group
– Weekly meetings (will cover q & a and coaching topics) (attendance will be required)
– Weekly check-ins via email (required)
– Access to Nutrition Materials
–  Email Access to Nutrition Coach
– Comprehensive Nutrition Program
– Personal Set Macro Numbers

Please Note:  If you can not commit 100% to this program through the set dates and time frame, please do not take one of the limited spots. This challenge requires a lot of sacrifice and attention.

It may be of interest to you but the timing may not be right. Please be real with yourself. If you have a lot going on right now, mentally not ready, or traveling a lot… I do not recommend this 4 week program.

We do not want you to take a spot and then have to stop part way through the 4 weeks. If you want it, your in it for the entire 4 weeks.

April 4th – May 1st, 2016

Enrollment Fee = $199 + tax

Spaces are limited so please email Nemesia@bereignfit.com to enroll. Your spot will only be secure once you have paid in full.

*Please do not text Coach Mesha, email will be the only way to contact her for this program.

We will be limiting this challenge to 10 spots.


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