Day 40

For the start of 2016, we really wanted to kick off the year with a Bang!

So we challenged members to commit the beginning of their year to a 40 day Fitness Challenge. This challenge would introduce a brand new nutrition protocol that involved counting Macronutrients to offer a more personalized approach. We kept the intensity high with fitness challenges that pushed people outside of their comfort zone and really pushed all challengers in classes.

It’s important to remember that all of Reign Fitness Challenges are not WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGES.

Our challenges are designed to impact much more than just physical results. We want to really help you learn through the process, show you lifestyle habits that you can adopt in everyday life, and most importantly give you an opportunity to show yourself what you’re capable of when surrounded by a supportive community people like at Reign Fitness.













Ok, let’s get to the good stuff!


2016 Reign Fitness New Year Challenge Facts

  • Challengers were faced with a 40 day Fitness Challenge.
  • The challenge started with 40 people and 30 finished with final weigh-ins, measurements, and pics.
  • 30 Challengers together lost a total of 189.65 inches.
  • 30 Challengers together lost a total of 163.5 pounds
  • Winners were chosen by…
    • Community Leadership
    • Community Participation
    • Attitude
    • Attendance
    • Weight loss
    • Inches lost
    • Visual Transformation
    • Lifestyle Transformation
    • Challenge Completion %
    • Nutrition Challenge Completion %

This was also the first year we streamed this event live for all of our challengers who couldn’t make it to the party. Check it out!

Checkout Part 1 On Video


Check out Part 2 On Video