Physical Challenge #4

Directions: With a continually running clock… Complete as many reps as possible in the time frame set for each exercise. Track total reps.
Repeat for 3 rounds. Break 2-5 minutes in between each round.

*there are no breaks between the transition of each exercise. The clock is continually running.

Proof: Provide the total number of reps for each exercise, the total of all exercise number reps, and a picture!

Minute 1-3
Burpees x max reps

Minute 3-4
Push-ups x max reps

Minutes 4-5
Sit-ups x max reps

Minute 5-6
Squats x max reps

Example Proof: (of course you will have way more reps lol)


Round 1:
Burpees – 2
Push-ups – 2
Sit-ups – 2
Squats – 2
Round 1 total: 8

Round 2:
Burpees – 3
Push-ups – 3
Sit-ups – 3
Squats – 3
Round 2 total: 12

Round 3:
Burpees – 2
Push-ups – 2
Sit-ups – 2
Squats – 2
Round 3 total: 8


Nutrition Challenge #2

“Macro Collage”

Directions: For the next 7 days… Screen shot your Macro numbers at the end of each day.

(Hit the nutrition tab at the bottom of the screen in your my fitness pal. If you see a pie chart instead of your numbers, make sure it’s on the nutrients tab)

*if your not using my fitness pal, write it out and submit.

At the end of the week, take all 7 days of screen shots and put together into a collage using an app like pic collage or photo grid (both are free apps).

– if you don’t know how to do this, contact any coach and they will be more than happy to help you.

– we want to see you hit numbers consistently through the week, this won’t be easy, but that’s why it’s a challenge.

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