15 Sep 1972: Steve Prefontaine of the USA in action during a track and field event at Crystal Palace in London, England. Mandatory Credit: Tony Duffy /Allsport


Physical Challenge #2 

“Country Breakfast” 

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM)

Directions: At the top of the minute, perform the exercise listed for the time block for the set number of reps recommended. Choose a rep range that allows you to still have about 20-25 seconds of recovery. When you complete your reps, the remaining time in the minute is yours to recover. Start again at the top of minute.

There are 5 rounds/5 minutes in each time block. You will complete one exercise for 5 rounds. Once you finish one time block, you go directly into the following time block and exercise. This continues for 20 minutes. 4 time blocks.

***Tip: Make it more challenging by pushing the rep range up until you only have a 15 second recovery window. This will allow you to continually push the intensity. DO NOT INCREASE reps if there is no intensity or your form is breaking.

Remember there is no break between the “Country Breakfast” workout and the “Fire Exit” Workout.

“Fire Exit” 
On the 21st minute… You will start 40 burpees/40 sit-ups/40 Mountain Climbers (each leg) for time.

The exercises must be performed in the order listed. All 40 reps of one exercise must be completed prior to moving to the next exercise. Focus on great form and intensity.

Proof: Your proof will be a pic of you and the time it took to finish the “Fire Exit” Workout.

“Country Breakfast” 

Minutes 1-5
Air Squats x 15-25

Minutes 6-10
Pushups 10-25

Minutes 11-15
Situps x 15-25

Minutes 16-20
Jumping Jacks x 25-45
(Scale up to Plank Jacks. *Jumping Jacks from a pushup plank or elbows down plank position)

“Fire Exit” 
On Minute 21
For Time
40 burpees/40 sit-ups/40 Mountain Climbers

***As mentioned at the Info Meeting, there may be some additional challenges like nutrition etc. Here is your first Nutrition Challenge…


Nutrition Challenge #1 

Directions: Post a pic of one meal (it can be any meal that you eat throughout the day/week) you consume and list the macronutrient breakdown of that meal in the description. Please post this picture and breakdown in the comment section below this post. This post is due Sunday 10pm.

The Goal for this Challenge is to make sure you know how to breakdown a meal by the macronutrients and to emphasize taking the time to care about what fuels you. Try to choose a core meal to breakdown rather than just a one item snack.

Albert’s Lunch (really is my lunch)
5oz Ground Turkey
1/2 cup rice
1 serving (roughly 86g) broccoli

Protein 32g/Carbs 22g/Fats 10g (310 calories)

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