Day 1 was awesome!

Big shout out to everyone who meal prepped, went grocery shopping, and really spent some quality time setting themselves up for success.

It really is awesome to see the Reign Fitness Family get fired up for another challenge.

Here is the post from the Week 1 Training Challenge.

Physical Challenge #1

Directions: Complete all Baseline Workouts by their set directions and submit proof by Sunday 10pm. Proof must be a post (picture of you and proof is usual standard) under the comment section of this post “Physical Challenge #1” with all the required times, total reps, or total rounds.

These workouts can be performed any day and in any combination as long as all are finished and proof submitted by the deadline. (You can do them all in the same day, spread out throughout the week, or in any combination – it is up to you)

Give your best effort.

These Baseline Workouts will be repeated in the final week of this challenge but please don’t hold back for this first time. We want you to try your best at each of these workouts.

*Remember to warm up properly prior to doing any of these workouts. (go through the ReignFIT Class warmup)

**If you do decide to do them all in the same day or more than one in the same day, I recommend that you take a break anywhere from 2-5 minutes (or more) before attempting another workout. This will ensure that you are recovered and able to give a maximum effort. Also note the order and how you decided to complete it so that you can repeat the same process in the final week.

***Please submit proof once all three Baseline workouts have been completed. Please submit one post with all three proofs. Thank you.

Baseline Workout A “Burpee Blast”

Directions: Complete as many reps of burpees as possible in 2 minutes. You can scale the burpee movement to any version that best suits you (Hand Release Burpee is good too). The only thing we ask is that you keep track or write down the version of burpee you did and repeat the same one in the final week.

Proof: Please submit how many burpees (and version if scaled)

2 minute Max Burpees

Baseline Workout B “The Happy Meal” 

Directions: Complete as many rounds and reps as possible of the following exercises and their set number of reps in 15 minutes. The exercises must be completed in the order listed. Every round and rep counts. You can utilize any scaled versions of the exercises as you see fit, the only thing we ask is that you please note what version you used so that you can use the same one when we test these Baseline Workouts in the final week.

Proof: Please submit a pic of how many rounds and any additional reps. If you complete 8 total rounds and get through to complete 3 pushups. It wouldn’t be 9 rounds, it would just be 8 rounds and 3 pushup reps. Submit pic of you too!

As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 minutes.

Pushups x 7 reps
Situps x 10 reps
Air Squats x 15 reps

Baseline Workout C “Reign Standard” 

Directions: Complete the workout for time while maintaining good form. Intensity is the emphasis here. Complete all the exercises in the order listed and by their set number reps for time. The first time through, you will complete 21 reps of everything, the second time through will be 15 reps of everything, and then finally 9 reps of everything. Your time will end once you complete 9 reps of the last exercise.

21-15-9 Reps

Proof: Please submit a pic of you and your time of completion.

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