The 2016 40 Day Reign Fitness New Year Challenge is finally here!


Whether this is your first or 5th challenge (I actually think we’ve had more than 5) it’s important to remember that every challenge presents an opportunity to better yourself and support others.

Also, every new challenge…

We re-think, re-create, and re-design the program with the goal of making the experience better.


Since it just turned 2016, I wanted to give you 16 Reasons To Do This Challenge. I hope that one of these will resonate with you.

16 Reasons To Do This Challenge 


  1. This is a great opportunity to kick off 2016 doing something awesome!
  2. It’s challenging. (every single time)
  3. This challenge can help you permanently adopt healthy lifestyle habits. (meal prepping, cooking, being active)
  4. You get the opportunity to support, encourage, and motivate others.
  5. You receive support, encouragement, and motivation from others.
  6. It’s fun.
  7. You get to be active!
  8. You get to be a part of an amazing community.
  9. Feeling amazing and accomplished is a side effect.
  10. Losing weight, toning muscles, and looking as good as you feel is also a common side effect of Reign Fitness Challenges.
  11. You receive accountability.
  12. You get stronger. (physically and mentally)
  13. You get to test yourself.
  14. The positive momentum from finishing this challenge can have an amazing snowball effect in your life.
  15. There is a new Nutrition Protocol that will be following a more Flexible Macronutrient Range strategy.
  16. Without a doubt, the reward of finishing this challenge far outweighs the fear of participating.

2016 New Year Challenge Details


Location: Reign Fitness & Performance

3895 NE 4th st.

Renton, WA 98056
Start Date: January 18th, 2016
(Last day to enroll is January 16th, 2016)
End Date: February 26th, 2016
Info Meeting Date: January 16th, 2016
This meeting will cover an introduction to the Nutrition Protocol as well.
Member Price: $50
Non-Member Price: $269 + tax

What does this Challenge include: 

  • Includes entry fee into challenge.
  • UNLIMITED Access to ReignFIT classes at Reign Fitness & Performance for duration of Challenge.
  • Reign Fitness 40 Day 2016 New Year Challenge Training Manual
  • Reign Fitness 40 Day 2016 New Year Challenge Nutrition Manual
  • Sit down Game Plan/Coaching Session with a Reign Fitness Coach. (Must schedule)
  • Access to the private Reign Fitness 40 Day 2016 New Year Challenge Facebook Group.
  • Discounts to other Reign Fitness & Performance Programs
    • Discounts include Semi-Private Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Small Group Personal Training

***Ask a Reign Fitness Coach about Special offers if you’re interested in any additional programs during this Challenge***


  • You must submit before and after pictures in order to participate in the challenge and be eligible for prizes if you place in the top 3. There are no exceptions. You are responsible for taking your own pictures and submitting them to a Reign Fitness Coach via email to or
  • Challengers must submit 3 Before pictures by January 17th, 2016. One from the front view, side view, and rear view.
  • Men please take pictures in shorts and no shirt.
  • Women please take pictures in bathing suits, shorts and sports bra, or shorts and tank top.
  • Challengers must submit 3 After pictures of the same front, side, and rear view no later than February 27th, 2016 Saturday.
  • Challengers must have measurements taken before the start of the challenge. (Distance challengers must be responsible for getting measurements done on their own and submitted via email)
  • Challengers must weigh-in and take measurements during designated scheduled times with a coach by the start date.
  • Challengers must also weigh-in and take measurements during designated scheduled times with a coach before or by the end date. (will be announced during challenge)


Challengers will be judged on:
  • Overall Weight Loss
  • Overall Measurements
  • Visual Transformation (based off of before and after pictures)
  • Training and Class Attendance
  • Completion of Workout Challenges
  • Completion of Nutrition Challenges
  • Ability to follow all Challenge Rules
  • Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Online participation (In Facebook groups, Social Media)

How To Register

The easiest way to register is to email and let us know you are ready to sign up and we will take care of the rest.

If you are a member… shoot Coach Mesha an email  ( and let her know that you are ready to register.

You can also let her know the next time your in the gym too!

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