Reign Fitness has been blessed with amazing members.

There is no doubt that they are the building blocks of our amazing community and without them… There would be no Reign Fitness.


We wanted to take some time, each month, to publicly acknowledge some of our ALL STAR MEMBERS and feature them as our Member of the Month.

These members are picked because of their dedication to the Reign community, their commitment to personal health/fitness, and a relentless drive to help others.

This month, November 2015, we are proud to announce Megan Mamiya as our Official Reign Fitness Member of The Month!

Before you get to the Q & A section and get to know Megan a little bit better we wanted to say a few things about her…


Megan truly exemplifies the individual that we created Reign Fitness to serve.

She is hard working, dedicated, and not afraid to sweat.

You’ll never see her in the gym without a smile on her face and it really is contagious. Ask anyone in our community and they’ll tell you how awesome she is!

Megan will be the first to say hi to someone new and never hesitate to sacrifice her own workout to help encourage another member.

She walks the walk and talks the talk.

Reign Fitness is blessed to have her and this community really wouldn’t be the same without her.





Here is Megan.


1. What inspired you to come to Reign Fitness? 

My sister, Lauren and her husband PJ inspired me to switch gyms because I wasn’t getting anywhere with where I was. I hit a wall and needed some change in my life. Lauren told me about how much she loved Mesha and I could see the progress she was making after having a baby.

I knew I was ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

“I went to a Saturday morning ReignFIT class and was overwhelmed by how nice and welcoming everyone was. I particularly remember talking with Marky and her face lit up when she was talking about how great this gym is!”

I signed up the next month and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!


2. Tell us a little about yourself? What’s a day in the life with Megan? 

A day in the life…

Ok, wake up at 4, make my daily egg whites and pack my meals/snacks for the day. Out the door to work by 5 and get to work around 5:45-6ish.

Drink my aminos and eat my breakfast while reading emails and prepping for the day.

“Most of my workday is spent in meetings, responding to emails, designing documents and working with customers. I usually have a moderate to high level of stress from work so I know I need to go to Reign for my therapy/de-stress time!”

After training, go home, shower, make/warm up dinner and watch a little TV before bed. On the weekends, its usually spent going out with friends, eating, cuddling with my puppy and playing games with the boyfriend.


3. What have been your biggest accomplishments here at Reign Fitness? 

My biggest accomplishment is gaining a real support system that does nothing but encourage and support each other.


4. Favorite Cheat Meal? 

My favorite cheat meal is going to thai food at Banyan Tree (their crispy garlic chicken is amazing!) or going to Din Tai Fung and getting the soup dumplings and green beans.


5. Who is your HERO and Why? 

My hero is my grandmother Yoshi (some of the Reign Fit Fam have met her at a few Saturday morning classes).

“She is the strongest woman I know.”

In her lifetime, she made it through World War II, internment camps, raising her brother and herself, raising a family, and has always been the head of the household. She treats everyone fairly and has always seen the good in people.


6. If you could go on America’s Got Talent, what would you showcase? 

Oh man…

I guess I would showcase singing along to songs and making up all the words I don’t remember! That or my ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere!


7. What’s your favorite exercise and why? Least favorite? 

Favorite is deadlifts!

Love being able to lift something that looks super huge and when I am done, drop it back on the ground!

Makes you feel almost super human! 

Least favorite for sure is hand release burpees because they feel like they take forever and always make me like I am going to throw up!


8. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their fitness journey and brand new at Reign Fitness? 


I think that is the hardest part. It takes a lot of courage to take the first step, but after that… every step is a step closer to where you want to go!

Especially if you have an amazing support system (like there is at Reign Fitness) everything becomes more of a lifestyle that is easy to maintain! The longer you do it, the less “work” it is and the more fun you have!


9. Favorite T.V. Show? 

Grey’s Anatomy or Criminal Minds.


10. Favorite song to workout to? 

Anything with an upbeat tempo and good chorus!

But usually, I don’t even hear what song is on until after I am done with whatever I am doing!


Fill In The Blank 

I Love… 

all the people I am fortunate to call my support system, my puppy and my life.

I am… 

fortunate to be where I am and grateful to everyone who has supported/pushed me to never accept failure.

I Wish… 

to support and help others to achieve their dreams.

I Eat… 

Ice cream!!! Kidding, but not really. I eat with my loved ones. Best time to share stories and have fun is always around food!

“Thank you Mesha for everything that you have given me! Because of everything you and Albert built, I have never been happier in my life!” – Meg












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