Summer’s almost here and Reign Fitness is ready to help you get a jump start for the hot months with the 30 Day Pre-Summer Challenge.

This Challenge is not just about weight loss.

It’s about helping you build momentum in your fitness lifestyle as you transition from Spring to Summer.

It’s about building your confidence through consistent and compliant behaviors.

It’s about keeping you accountable, giving your training purpose, and surrounding you with community.

“The 30 Days that make up this challenge… is about showing YOU… how much you can achieve when you work hard and consistently operate outside of your comfort zone.”




REMEMBER: This challenge is not about the Summer… This is about YOU!

Let me help you set your expectations now…

The 30 days in this challenge will not be easy.

In fact, this Reign Fitness Challenge is going to be hard.

It’s going to challenge all of your current habits and take you outside of your comfort zone.



But I’ll tell you the truth right now about all of our challenge winners and members who have been through a big transformation…

Things start to click when you can keep operating outside of your comfort zone.


So, if you’re ready for this, let me introduce you to the ….


2015 Reign Fitness 30 Day Pre-Summer Challenge

Location: Reign Fitness & Performance

3895 NE 4th st.
Renton, WA 98056

Start Date: April 21, 2015
(Last day to enroll is April 19, 2015 – Sunday/No Exceptions)
* If you want to do this please sign up, don’t wait until a day after and say you wanted to do it but it’s too late and Albert won’t let me now… This is your first opportunity to take action in this challenge don’t put the blame on anyone else if you don’t take action.
End Date: May 20, 2015

Member Price: $50
Non-Member Price: $269 + tax

*If you are a member purchasing this as a gift for a Non-Member, you will receive a $50 discount off the Non-Member Price.

What’s NEW In This Reign Fitness Challenge?


After hosting 4 very successful challenges, all I can say is it’s only getting better.

As each challenge ends, we take time to review the pros and cons in depth in order to make sure we get better.

We keep the things that were really successful, throw out the not so helpful, and take a lot of time asking questions and gaining feedback from all of you.

I’m sure you’ve been asked some questions by me…

So here are some new things that you can expect for this challenge.

  • We are not requiring Nutrition Journaling although it is still highly recommended. You will not be judged on completion of Nutrition Journals.
  • We are Introducing a new Nutrition Protocol that will follow Paleo Guidelines. If you want to familiarize yourself with Paleo before the challenge begins… Learn more here.  The challenge may not be FULL Paleo, so please no questions until the Reign Fitness 30 Day Pre-Summer Challenge Nutrition Manuals are released. We will also touch base and explain in more detail why we have decided to go with a Paleo Based Nutrition Method in the Manuals.
  • There will be more training challenges with this Challenge. (This was based on feedback from all previous challengers)
  • We have gone back to a 30 Day challenge as we have found success rates to be the highest with this length of time.
  • When it comes to judging, we always have a difficult time on deciding on how to categorize the placing. This time we have finally developed a system of points that we will give to each of the judging categories. Each category will hold a certain number of points. The number of points for each category will be based on it’s importance. Categories like Attitude, Attendance, and Leadership were always hard to incorporate into the placing of challengers but this time each of these will hold a significant number of points.


What does this Challenge include: 

  • Includes entry fee into challenge.
  • UNLIMITED Access to ReignFIT classes at Reign Fitness & Performance for duration of Challenge.
  • Reign Fitness 30 Day Pre-Summer Challenge Training Manual
  • Reign Fitness 30 Day Pre-Summer Challenge Nutrition Manual
  • Sit down Game Plan/Coaching Session with a Reign Fitness Coach.
  • Access to the private Reign Fitness 30 Day Pre-Summer Challenge Facebook Group.
  • Discounts to other Reign Fitness & Performance Programs
    • Discounts include Semi-Private Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Small Group Personal Training



  • You must submit before and after pictures in order to participate in the challenge and be eligible for prizes if you place in the top 3. There are no exceptions. You are responsible for taking your own pictures and submitting them to a Reign Fitness Coach via email to or, phone, or in person before the start date of the Challenge.
  • Challengers must submit 3 Before pictures by April 20th. One from the front view, side view, and rear view.
  • Men please take pictures in shorts and no shirt.
  • Women please take pictures in bathing suits, shorts and sports bra, or shorts and tank top.
  • Challengers must submit 3 After pictures of the same front, side, and rear view no later than May 23, 2015 Saturday.
  • Challengers must have measurements taken.
  • Challengers must weigh-in and take measurements during designated scheduled times with a coach before or by the start date.
  • Challengers must also weigh-in and take measurements during designated scheduled times with a coach before or by the end date. (will be announced during challenge)


Challengers will be judged on:
  • Overall Weight Loss
  • Overall Measurements
  • Visual Transformation (based off of before and after pictures)
  • Training and Class Attendance
  • Completion of Workout Challenges
  • Completion of Nutrition Challenges
  • Attitude (Major points here)
  • Leadership
  • Online participation (In Facebook groups, Social Media)

How To Enroll In The Challenge. 

1. Email and confirm that you want to sign up for the challenge.

2. We will set up an online account for you with the 30 Day Pre-Summer Package ready for you to purchase. You will then receive an invoice via email prompting you for payment and to finish filling out your online account.

3. Once you have purchased your Challenge, we will enroll you into the private New Years Challenge Facebook Page and follow up with you for weigh ins, collecting pictures, and sending out manuals.

4. If you are paying via check or cash, please check in with a Reign Fitness Coach.

* Manuals will be sent out weekend before the start date. April 21st.

** If you are not currently a member, you will also receive instructions on signing up for classes online, how to view our online schedule, and other new member information. We look forward to seeing you in classes!


If you are buying the challenge as a gift for someone else…

1. Please email and let us know who you will be purchasing it for. We will need their name and email address in order to setup an online account for them.

2. Reign Fitness will contact you with the most convenient way to purchase. This can be done in person or online.

If you have any other questions about the challenge, etc. please email with 30 Day Summer Challenge in the subject line.

* If you want to purchase semi-private personal training sessions for someone else, please contact

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  1. Mesha, it’s Esther. This is my coworker who wants to try the classes. Can you connect with her, olease. Thks.

    Cell 206.852.2366

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