countdowntonewyears   Back in January, Reign Fitness invited both members and non-members to commit to their 2015 New Year goals in a 6 week long challenge. This wasn’t a challenge based only on losing weight…

The Reign Strong 6 Week New Year Challenge was more about making progress and learning about the entire process. We included food logging/tracking, physical challenges, and much more. So…

Nutrition Challenges were set each week and it was awesome to see how everyone used similar strategies but in their own unique ways to overcome them.

 It really showed how smart, creative, and fun people can be with nutrition once they learn just a few basic strategies. We would salivate everyday just looking at all the awesome things people were cooking! The best part of it… everything was compliant and fit each individuals plans!

Whether it was grocery shopping, meal prepping, or even coming up with new recipes… everyone did an absolute amazing job!





Also, a huge part of this challenge involved food logs and tracking nutrition with MyFitnessPal . Members did awesome and were able to stay on top of the tracking. It’s not something we ask all of our members to do 100% of the time, but it’s a great way to learn about your own personal nutrition and get daily feedback.





  Every Week we also threw some Physical Challenges at everyone! How did they respond? You probably guessed it, they crushed it!

It didn’t matter what day of the week it was, whether they were on vacation, or if they were tired after work. Everyone toughened up and really attacked every physical challenge.

Super proud of everyone for keeping a great attitude even when the physical challenges looked a little intimidating.

It was about pushing outside comfort zones and really striving to make progress each week! 10984113_1408491756120387_3256047090113730222_n 10978661_10103833025662748_4658772916930249794_n 10942736_10203584617518894_6803541368753099571_n 10959300_10103810838640718_1034573904049674034_n 10408186_1405787089724187_4006910020568791145_n

So as the 6 weeks came to an end… It was time for challengers to weigh in, submit after photos, and wait for the results. Again, the winners were not chosen based off of weight loss alone. If that were the case – it would have been a lot harder to pick a winner because a ton of other challengers lost a lot of weight. The winners were chosen based off of…

  • Completion of Food Logs and if they were submitted on time.
  • Completion of Physical Challenges and if they submitted proof in time.
  • Weight Loss
  • Visual Transformation
  • Attitude throughout Challenge
  • Personal Growth Through Challenge

And After 6 WEEKS… Here are the results!

1st place   1st Place Winner: Andrea S. Big congrats to Andrea as she lost 10lbs! Completed all of her food logs (turned them in on time), completed all of the physical challenges, and was able to finish with an amazing attitude! She was also great at motivating and encouraging others.

  2nd place   2nd Place Winner Jodeci lost 8lbs, kicked butt on all the nutrition and physical challenges, and just had an amazing attitude throughout the entire Challenge. Big congrats to her and this amazing accomplishment!  

3rd place   3rd Place Winners For third place it was a tie between sisters! Yup, sisters. Lauren (on the left) lost 7lbs and Megan (right) lost 5.2lbs! They consistently stayed on top of all the challenges, kept great attitudes, and finished the challenge strong!

Congrats to both of you for working hard, sticking with it for the entire 6 weeks, and managing to see results even after seeing results in previous challenges! (Not an easy thing to do)   And to announce all of the results, we held a Small Announcement Party for all of our challengers! Check out some of the pics below!

The Reign Strong 6 Week New Year Challenge Announcement Party

IMG_0193 IMG_0211 IMG_0209 IMG_0204 IMG_0197 IMG_0202 IMG_0231 IMG_0201 IMG_0213 IMG_0246 IMG_0191   We sincerely hope that everyone had a great time throughout this challenge and at the Announcement Party! It’s been an amazing 6 weeks and with your feedback – we’ve already started planning the next challenge (start date will be announced soon)

We also want to say a huge thank you to the Reign Fitness Family for supporting, motivating, and encouraging all the challengers. It really shows that we are much more than just a gym in Renton. Reign Fitness is a community, a big family that supports each other and encourages one another. Reign Strong.

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