Every month I do an overview of the questions we receive as personal trainers/coaches (via emails, members, Facebook messages, IG messages, etc.) and try to come up with 3 Tips To Help You With Your Fitness Progress.

No idea why we haven’t been posting these on the blog for everyone to enjoy but don’t worry…

We’re on it now.

This time of year we get a lot of questions regarding plateaus, lack of progress, and strategies to help with holiday weight gain so…

Today’s post will cover those topics.

Just a reminder for those new to the blog: All of these tips may not work for you. If it does great, take advantage of it. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, move on to the next.

Okay let’s continue.

Reign Fitness Top 3 Tips For Progress: December Edition

Tip # 1. Set A Measurable Goal 


Aimlessly training without a goal can lead you nowhere fast.

It can also be the reason why you’ve tried and failed without seeing any results. This time of the year, we see a lot people making it to the gym to only offset high calorie consumption and without any other real game plan.

On the weekends they head out to eat and when monday comes around it’s back to the gym for damage control.

Well, it doesn’t take long for things to catch up and we all know that…

“You can’t outwork a Bad Diet.”

So, what can you do?

One strategy that we use at Reign Fitness is to help members set some measurable goals with a deadline. These goals don’t have to be related only to bodyweight. They can be body measurements, personal records to beat on certain lifts, timed workouts, or even nutrition compliancy percentages.

Adding a deadline also gives you a solid timeline that allows you to create reasonable expectations so that you can be successful.

Too long of a deadline can lead to boredom, not enough pressure, and lack of focus.

If you haven’t done something like this before I suggest you start with a 30 day timeline and with a goal that is moderately challenging for you.

It’s common for people to set a very challenging goal for themselves and become overwhelmed a few days in.

Goal: Drink 100oz. of water everyday.

Timeline: 30 days

Difficulty: Moderate

2. Pick One Movement Skill To Master


One big pitfall I see a lot of people make is progressing through movements too quickly.

I know it can be monotonous and boring drilling the same movements over and over but mastering the basics is an important step that most people ignore.

Progressing too fast can lead to compensation, poor movement, and often times injury.

Pick one movement/exercise to really focus on and become awesome at it.

Identify whats limiting you in the movement. Is it mobility? Is it strength? Is it conditioning?

Once you’ve identified what’s limiting, make an effort to tackle those issues while you regress the movement. Make sure to be patient and give yourself a timeline to help you stay accountable.


Movement Goal: Improve Bodyweight Squats

Weakness: Strength: Can only perform a few squats before legs start feeling shaky and fatigued.

Drills: Wall Sits, Squat Holds, Sit To Stand From Bench, Squat Holds With Weight, Supported lunges.

Regression of the Movement: Squat To Bench, Squat with support for hands (suspension trainer)

Mastering a movement can pay big dividends in the end by helping you progress to higher difficulty movements that continually challenge your body to adapt.

Remember that everyone starts at the beginning with the basics and don’t forget to have fun with it.

3. Start Doing 1 Thing Right Away And Stick With It 


Trying to do too many things at one time is a recipe for failure when it comes to starting a fitness and/or nutrition program.

And waiting too long to get the everything ready and for your perfect program can keep you from ever starting.

So what do you do?

Start with just 1 thing that you can do and make sure you start now!

It’s important to take action but it’s equally vital that you’re able to be successful and consistent with it. We suggest that you choose something that is moderately/easy for you to do and commit to doing it for 30 days.

Why do we want the task to be easy/moderate?

Because we want you to be successful at it! With one battle down, we can use that momentum to take on more in the future. But make sure you take action and start!

Start doing 1 thing right away: Pack Your Lunch.

Timeline: 30 Days

Not only will packing your lunch save you money, it gives you control of what you’re eating and alleviates your from having to make another decision in the middle of a busy day.

If you’ve been struggling with your fitness or nutrition it’s time to get some positive momentum back and it’s starts with winning small battles like this.

After 30 days, review your progress.

Did this 1 task influence any other part of your nutrition or fitness lifestyle? What can you try and do for the next 30 days?

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