On Thanksgiving, we hosted The 2014 Reign Fitness Thanksgiving Turkey Day Throwdown and it was awesome.

Every Thanksgiving for the last 7+ years that I’ve been in the industry I’ve never been able to host my own workout so this year was special and we wanted it to be a little bit different.

We canceled all normal scheduled classes, personal training, and small group training and decided to hold a competition style workout.

2 separate groups, one at 8am and one at 9am with the only difference being the introduction of barbells at the 9am.

Each group consisted of 3 heats.

Each heat consisted of 5 competitors.

I know this was a little different from what we normally would do but I was so happy to see everyone having fun with friendly competition and there was an overwhelming amount of encouragement everywhere.

Who knew a small gym in Renton could get so amped up on thanksgiving morning.

But we did!

It was great to see around 30 members compete and not only did they show up… There were families, people hanging out and staying late to encourage each other.

When we opened Reign Fitness & Performance… This is what I had envisioned! Check out some pictures and the timed results below.








The Thanksgiving Throwdown Workout

For Time.

Round 1

Single arm thrusters x 20

Rows x 20

Pushups x 20

Kb or BB deadlifts x 20

Burpees or Over The Bar Burpees x 20

Lunges x 20

Situps x 20

Plank To Push x 20

Bodyweight Squats x 50


Round 2

Single arm thrusters x 40

Rows x 40

Pushups x 40

Kb or BB deadlifts x 40

Burpees or Over The Bar Burpees x 40

Lunges x 40

Situps x 40

Plank To Push x 40

Bodyweight Squats x 100
The Results



Thankful for my Reign Family!


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