From everyone at Reign Fitness & Performance we want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are on holiday schedule and there will be no:

  • Group classes
  • Personal Training
  • Small Group Personal Training

The Reign Fitness Thanksgiving Turkey Throwdown starts at 8am and will run until the final heat finishes around 11am.

Throwdown will be hosted at The Reign Fitness and Performance Gym located in Renton, WA in the Renton Highlands neighborhood.

The start times:

  • Heat 1: 8:15
  • Heat 2: 8:30
  • Heat 3: 8:40
  • Heat 4: 9:15
  • Heat 5: 9:30
  • Heat 6: 9:40

There will be a coach to warm up groups at 8am and 9am.

Please get in contact with a Reign Fitness Coach if you have any questions or concerns about the throw down, your start time, or if you have any last minute changes.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

(The workout will be announced the day of… and no I won’t give you any clues!)



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