After a crazy summer…

We are excited to say that we have officially opened the new Reign Fitness and Performance Training Facility!

The New Gym is located in Renton, WA and in the Renton Highlands neighborhood.

But before I go any further…

“I want to really thank our family, friends, and all of our Reign Fit Fam because this would have not been possible without all of you. We have received nothing but unconditional support from everyone and it really has been the x factor in helping us get this project finished by our deadlines. So, Thank You All! “

The main motivating factor to open a facility of our own was really the Reign Fit Family. Our members have been absolutely amazing and always supported us as personal trainers, coaches, and fitness entrepreneurs. The Reign Fitness members truly deserved a home gym all to themselves.

And of course, we wanted to deliver.

So we locked down a location, halted the personal training for a couple months, and went to work.

But the Reign Fit Fam didn’t just take the summer off.

Quick Reign Fitness Summer Catch Up…

This summer has been fun, despite the temporary halt we had on training while we were waiting for the new gym. We were able to have the first ever Reign Fitness Summer BBQ which was awesome!






We also hosted online personal training, bodyweight workouts, and challenges which I must say… Our Reign Fitness Family kicked some serious butt!





There were also Reign Fit Fam sightings doing awesome summer stuff all over social media!







All of this was going on while we were building the gym!


But after a challenging couple months… The gym is finished and all of our training programs are up and running!


Here is a pic from the first class held on Saturday September 20, 2014.

Here is a little Q&A about the New Reign Fitness & Performance Gym in Renton, WA…

Why did we choose to put a Fitness Gym in Renton, WA?

We chose to put a fitness gym in Renton, WA because it really is the central location for all of our Reign Fitness members. Renton also happens to be where a lot of our members live, it’s close to where we live, and it is a community that we really feel a part of.

Renton, WA is also close to the neighborhoods of Newcastle, Newport Hills, and Factoria – all of which are neighborhoods we really wanted to be close to as a fitness gym and fit community.

What programs will be offered at Reign Fitness and Performance?

We are excited to say that Reign Fitness and Performance will be offering all of it’s services now that we have a facility that is big enough to support the entire arsenal.

Reign Fitness will be offering Semi-Private Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training, ReignFIT classes, Distance Coaching, and Nutrition Coaching.

How do I get started? 

This is the best and most personal way to get started with Reign Fitness & Performance.
1. Send us an email
2. Let us do the rest.
3. Check out our Facebook page, Programs, and get to know us better while we get back to you.

If you already know what program your interested in, let us know in the email and we can schedule you for a consultation or orientation right away!

Are people already training at the Reign Fitness Renton Gym Location Right Now?


What are the Reign Fitness Gym Hours? 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6am-8pm
Tuesday/Thursday: 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am – 12pm
Sunday: Closed

What is the best way to get in contact with you? 

Email. Just because it’s something we check pretty often and it allows us to get back in touch with as efficiently as possible.

Email us at

Reach Nemesia directly at

Reach Albert directly at
You can ask call us during business hours at 425-207-8383


Do you have a Schedule? 

Yes, click the schedule tab at the top or click here to check out the Reign Fitness Schedule. The only thing not visible right now are the semi-private personal training time slots. Please contact us to find out more info on personal training.

Is there parking? 

Yes, we have a large parking lot that can accommodate more then capacity. We also have designated Reign Fitness parking spots that are reserved for our members and guests.

Do you have showers? 

Nope. Sweat is awesome.



We really hope to see all of you in person at the new gym! Thank you all so much for your support!

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