It’s no secret that nutrition plays a vital role in fitness. 
But unlike what most people think, healthy and compliant nutrition doesn’t have to lack taste or creativity. It’s not always about just eating chicken and broccoli. 
Good nutrition really starts with a reasonable diet filled with foods that you like. It has to be set up in a way that really allows you to be successful. 
But yes… 
Some healthy “go to” meals can get boring and when you get bored… 

It can lead to poor nutrition choices. 
One great way to improve boring food is to find healthy recipes for the foods you love! 
And to help us out today, we brought in the very first ever Reign Fitness & Performance Guest Blogger Tiffany H. who will be sharing an awesome recipe with us. 
Tiffany and her husband are good friends of ours and she was the first person to come to mind when we were looking for a guest blogger to share a recipe! 

She’s a part-time working mom who runs a legit blog that features everything from home projects to great tasting recipes. Make sure you check out her blog “A Touch Of Grace“. 
Enter Tiffany… 

Apple Cinnamon Protein Muffins


Hi everyone!  I’m Tiffany and I blog over at A Touch of Grace.  I’m super excited to share one of my protein muffin recipes with you today!

With a 2 ½ year old, we make a lot of muffins in our house.  They’re perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack when your blood sugar starts to drop, and you need something quick to tide you over until dinner.

But most muffins pack a lot of calories.  They can be just as bad for you as eating a cupcake!  This recipe has few ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or enriched flour.  And did I mention they are high in protein and perfect for a post-workout snack?!  Each muffin has about 100 calories, 9 grams of protein and 15 grams of carbs.

·       2 cups rolled oats
·       2 scoops vanilla protein powder
·       2 tablespoons turbinado sugar (if you don’t have turbinado sugar you can use organic cane sugar, or brown sugar would also work)
·       2 ¼ teaspoons cinnamon
·       ½ teaspoon baking powder
·       ¼ teaspoon salt (preferably kosher)
·       4 egg whites
·       1 cup non-fat Greek yogurt
·       1 apple, diced

·       Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
·       Prepare muffin tin my brushing with coconut oil or cooking spray
·       In a large bowl, combine rolled oats, vanilla protein powder, sugar, cinnamon, baking powder and salt.
·       Add egg whites and yogurt and mix until just combined.
·       Fold in diced apple.
·       Divide evenly in the muffin tin.
·       Bake 15-18 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean.
·       Let cool in tin 5-10 minutes, and then remove to wire rack to cool completely.
There are so many things you could do with this muffin.  Substitute in other fruits (blueberries or dried cranberries), or maybe even some chocolate chips (my personal favorite).

Enjoy!  Thanks Mesha & Albert for having me today!

If you liked today’s post and want more nutrition tips/recipes… Make sure you check out the Nutrition Posts section of the blog.

You can also find some great nutrition content on the Reign Fitness & Performance Youtube Channel with videos featuring “what we buy at the grocery store” and “how we prep food“!

Reign Strong!


  1. Thanks for having me today you two! It was fun to come up with a great recipe to share with your readers. 🙂

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