It’s 80 degrees in Seattle this week and I can’t help but think of how close summer is. 
For some of you, it’s time to kick things into high gear. 
For others, who have been working hard all winter, stay focused, it’s almost time to unveil your new body. 
But regardless of where you’re at… 
Summer is close and this means working hard both in and outside of the gym. This is why we will be starting the Summer Body Series on the Blog. 
The Summer Body series will be blog posts featuring everything from workouts, nutrition, recipes, and lifestyle strategies all to help you get summer ready. 
You know… 

Help you get into that bikini or those board shorts, lose the last 10 pounds, or even just help you kickstart your fitness program. 
Don’t wait another day… Start now! 

Summer Body Kickstarter Workout #1 

The Summer Body Workout #1 consists of 2 circuits. One circuit includes weights and the other is body weight. If you’re just starting out, choose just one of the circuits to complete. If you’re ready to take it up a notch, push the intensity and complete both circuits. Rest 1-2 minutes after Circuit #1 before moving onto the second circuit. 

Circuit #1 “Turnt Up” 

Directions: Complete the set number of reps for each exercise in the order listed. Take only enough time to transition to the next exercise between exercises. Break 45 seconds – 2 minutes as needed after each round. Complete 3-4 rounds. 
Each round is completed after finishing all reps for the 5 exercises. 
(click on linked exercise for video demo from the Reign Fitness & Performance Youtube Page
3. Dumbbell Bent Over Row x 12-15 reps each side 
4. Single Arm Thruster x 12-15 reps each side 
5. Burpees + Jump ins x 12 reps 
Progressions & Regressions
We completely understand that everyone is different and you should feel completely confident with wherever you are at. This is why we have the Exercise Resources Page that has an extensive list of exercises including progressions (to make things more challenging) and regressions (to simplify things). 
Regardless of the level you’re at, you will find an exercise variation that works just for you. Don’t see anything that works? Email me personally at Albert@bereignfit.com and I will gladly help you. 

Circuit #2 “Body Weight Countdown” 

Directions: Complete 10 reps of each exercise in the order listed, then 8 reps for each exercise, then 6 reps, then 4, and finally 2. 

Don’t break until you are finished. You will complete a total of 30 reps for each exercise.

For a progression, complete the countdown going down by 1 number at a time. You will complete 55 reps for each exercise.

By even numbers = 30 reps

By single numbers = 55 reps

(click on linked exercise for video demo from the Reign Fitness & Performance Youtube Page

3. Lateral Lunges (Hit “X” reps for each Side)

Tip: Grab a stopwatch and time yourself to see how long it takes you to finish the countdown. Make sure not to sacrifice good form for a good time. Now, you have a time to beat in the future. It’s also a great way to see how much your making progress.
We really hope you liked this workout!

Reign Fitness & Performance also offers more nutrition tips, workouts, and motivation on our Facebook Page and Instagram @ReignFitness.

We post things like “Our favorite way to get in Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy and BCAA’s by making Ice Cubes!”
So, if you haven’t connected with us yet we would love for you to join the Reign Fit Community!

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