With an overwhelming amount of Fat Loss information out there, it can be tough finding the actual strategies to help you lose weight.


In today’s post, we wanted to keep it real simple and give you 3 Easy Fat Loss Tips that you can start incorporating into your routine right away.

We picked these 3 Fat Loss Nutrition Tips because they’ve been the most effective with our own personal clientele in the last few months. We are talking real weight lost and visible results with real Reign Fitness Members.

Why are these Tips so effective?

Most importantly because they are really simple and easy to incorporate into your routine. When things are too difficult, you don’t do it for very long.

These strategies are so simple that our clients are able to master them and get the most out of it. Once they master one strategy, they move onto to the next.

Now it’s your turn.

Read through the 3 Easy Fat Loss Tips and pick one. Work at it until it becomes a habit and then try another one.

3 Easy Fat Loss Tips You Have To Try

Research Restaurants 

(Love to eat at Homegrown when I’m in the Fremont or Cap Hill neighborhood in Seattle) 
Whether it’s for lunch at work or going out for a nice dinner, I know eventually you’re going to eat out.

But eating out can be okay if you know there’s something there for you that’s compliant. So, do you’re research. Have a couple of lunch spots that you know works with your nutrition and the same goes for dinner.

You don’t have to completely deprive yourself in order to get in shape. Just be mindful of your goals and take the time to research because you care.

Go To Meal


A healthy “go to” meal can be your best friend. Voice of reason.

Take the time to learn how to perfectly cook a healthy “go to” meal.

Mine is an egg white omelette with veggies and turkey.

It took me a few times to get it just the way I liked it but now I know exactly what the heat setting needs to be, how I like my veggies chopped, and which pan I want to use. (the handle makes it easier to fold it over)

Your “go to” meal can save you from making poor nutrition choices many, many times.

Drink Plenty Of Water

water bottle-1

Okay, I know you’ve heard this one before but chances are you’re still not doing it.

We had the same problem with a few of our clients but found a couple strategies that really work.

#1: Keep a water bottle in the car, at home where you hang out the most, and at work. The more places water was readily available the easier it was to drink it. (and not go to starbucks for a latte)

#2: Buy a new, cool, and chic water bottle. When you look good drinking it, chances are you’ll drink water more often.


(Above Picture: Water bottle one of our Awesome client’s gave me and Ranger)

Water can help boost metabolism, improve brain function, and help control hunger. Plus, it’s 0 calories. If you’re telling yourself how easy this fat loss tip is, then do it!

Because we love our Reign Fit Fam… Here is one more Tip that has really helped a lot of Reign Fitness Members.

Bonus Tip: “Clean Out Your Pantry” 


We’ve found that people ignore their pantries for quite some time and they fill up with things that aren’t very healthy. By taking some time to clean out your pantry, you remove a lot of the temptations that lead to extra calories.

We recommend you dump everything with artificial sweeteners, trans fat, and high-fructose corn syrup.


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