Mondays roll around and we’re all searching for motivation.

Motivation to get to the gym, to carry on another week, and to stay focused on long term goals. It’s not easy. 
It’s hard to be excited about losing weight, gaining muscle, or getting in shape week after week… especially if you’re not consistently seeing visible results. 

So how do you get excited, motivated, and re-focused about training each week? 
In this post, we are going to cover one awesome strategy that we utilize with our very own Reign Fitness personal training clients to help them stay motivated week after week. 
I will also be giving you a physical jump start to the week with the “Monday Motivator” Workout at the end of this post featuring weight loaded/bodyweight exercises and links to tons of new exercise demo videos we shot over the weekend that you can find on the Reign Fitness & Performance Youtube Channel

Okay, here we go… 

Set A Short Term 7 Day Goal 

Setting a short term 7 day goal can help you stay focused, motivated, and be rewarded for your effort quickly.  

Long term goals and plans can be challenging as the end results can seem too far away. In the beginning, the excitement of just starting can carry you for a few weeks but soon you start to lose motivation, focus, and drive. 
We have found that setting 7 day goals for clients have proved to increase focus and more importantly results. 
Short, week long goals can keep your training fun, encouraging, and still challenging. 
Below are some more popular examples of 7 Day Long goals that you can try… 

7 Day Nutrition Goal 

If nutrition is challenging and a long term diet or meal plan is a struggle for you one of these may be a great 7 day goal for you. 


 Challenge yourself to eating compliant for the next 7 days. 

 Challenge yourself to eating breakfast for the next 7 days. 
 Challenge yourself to not eat out or 7 days and only eat home prepped meals that you   know the macros on. 

 Challenge yourself to cut out sugar for 7 days. 
 Challenge yourself to hit your macros for 7 days. 


7 Day Workout Goal 

If you struggle to make it to the gym or get in workouts… 

“Set a goal to workout “X” number of times in the week. Make the number reasonable but challenging. Commit for the 7 days and reassess the following week.”

Some other options… 
Set a goal to hit a lagging part “X” amount of times in the week. 
Set a goal to do morning cardio “X” amount of times in the week. 
Set a goal to be mentally present (no cell phones) for every workout in the week. (this one may be hard for a lot of people) 

7 Day More Activity Goal 

Being active outside of the gym can be a challenge for all of us. 
But you have to remember that your only in the gym for about an hour, the rest of your day it’s up to you to be active and burn calories. 

This is why the 7 Day More Activity Goal is a lot harder than it sounds. 
Commit 7 Days to be more active outside of the gym. 
You can take the stairs instead of the elevator for the week, go for a walk at lunch, or even walk the dog more. 

“Finding ways to be active outside of the gym is a great way to start incorporating fitness into the rest of your lifestyle not to mention it helps burn extra calories.”


At the end of the 7 Days… 

Assess how you did, how you feel, what you could improve on… 
This is the best part of 7 day Goal setting, evaluating and getting another opportunity to do it again. 
***Note: Pay attention to repetitive non-compliant behavior that may cause inconsistency. Then incorporate a strategy to help you overcome it in the future. 
Along with the 7 Day Goal Setting, I wanted to give you a workout that would help kick things off on Monday with tons of motivation.


“It’s one of those workouts that gets your heart pumping, you feel the burn, sweat a lot, and leave the gym feeling invigorated. It’s also one of those workouts that you will feel working all day long and into tomorrow.”



The “Monday Motivator” Workout is a full body workout that utilizes weights and bodyweight exercises. It’s also designed so that each set is timed which allows you to work at your own specific level.

In order to increase the difficulty, increase the weight, add a progression to the exercise, or take up the intensity.

In order to decrease the difficulty, decrease weight, add a regression to the exercise, or lower your intensity.

(Note: Never sacrifice form for more reps or because you want to add weight.)
Anyone at any level can perform this and get an amazing workout in. 

The “Motivator” Workout 

Directions: Perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second break. Perform each group of supersets 2 times through with no break. Break 1-2 minutes as necessary in between each round.

***Note: You can click on the exercises that are linked for video demos of each exercise from the Reign Fitness & Performance Youtube Channel. You can also find a complete list of links on the Exercise Resources Page)

Round 1
1. Dumbbell Thrusters x 40 seconds
20 second break
2. V-Sits x 40 seconds
20 second break
Repeat 2 times

Round 2
20 second break
2. Pushups x 40 seconds
20 second break
Repeat 2 times

Round 3
1. Dumbbell Single Arm Rows x 40 seconds
20 second break
2. Lateral Lunges x 40 seconds
20 second break
Repeat 2 times

Group 4 
1. Burpees x 40 seconds
20 second break
2. Plank To Push x 40 seconds
20 second break
Repeat 2 times
1. V Sits x 20 seconds
2. Toe Touches x 20 seconds
3. Plank To Push x 20 seconds
Repeat 3 rounds

Before you leave…

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