We all train to get in shape, improve our health, and look good of course.

Not many of us will have ever have to train to get into ring and fight another person but…

For Reign Athlete Sam Poulton, this is pretty normal. (Try a kickboxing conditioning workout below)


Most of you have seen Sam train if not have trained along side of him and this guy loves every minute of it. He not only loves Muay Thai and fighting as a pro, he loves the entire process.

“Thanks Sam for being passionate and inspiring the Reign Fit Fam.”

Sam will be fighting on May 3rd in the USEACA (United Southeast Asian Cultural Association) Cultural Event 7 Fight Card for the Pro Featherweight Title.


For ticket information check out the event site here.

Bonus: Muay Thai/Kickboxing Style Workout To Burn Fat and Get Lean


Sam’s Muay Thai Workouts are designed specifically to help him stay lean, strong, and powerful. These are great goals for anyone looking to shed some weight, improve their strength, and look good for the summer.

Below is a workout format you might see Sam doing the closer he gets to the fight. Each round is set to anywhere from 3-5 minutes, in this workout it’s 5, and we try to incorporate a variety of exercises that will train the entire body. I’ve substituted in some more home friendly exercises that you can try and Sam does a lot of the same movements.

During each round we focus on form, intensity, and active recovery.

At the end of each round, you are allowed a 1-2 minute break. Fighters will usually have 1 minute in between the rounds so it we train right around that amount of rest.


Depending on the day, time during training camp, and how specific goals… We will train anywhere from 3-5 rounds, a minimum of 15 minutes of work all the way up to a maximum of 25 minutes of work.

Hope you enjoy this one!

Directions: Perform each exercise for the set number of time and perform all exercises in the order listed. Take only enough time, 5 seconds or less, in between each exercise to transition from one to the other.

At the end of the round break for 1-2 minutes as necessary and repeat for 3-5 rounds.

You can also add in any regressions or progressions to the exercise to increase or decrease the level difficulty depending on your ability. For more exercise options check out the Exercise Resources section here. 

(click on linked exercises for video demo from the Reign Fitness & Performance Youtube Page or look below for pictures)

1. Jump Squats x 30 seconds

2. Pushups x 30 seconds

4. Step-ups x 30 seconds (left leg)

5. Step-ups x 30 seconds (right leg)

6. Knee To elbows x 30 seconds

7. Lunge Hold x 30 seconds (right leg)

8. Lunge Hold x 30 seconds (left leg)

9. V sits x 30 seconds

10. Burpees x 1 minute

Break 1 minute – 2 minutes

Repeat for 3 – 5 rounds

Exercise Notes:

Step ups


Regression: You can perform a standard split lunge or reverse lunge instead of a step up. You can also perform your step up with the assistance of a chair, wall, or person.

Progression: You can utilize additional weight, add in a knee hike at the top of the movement, or even both.

Knee To Elbows

Progression: You can cross the knee to the opposite elbow to increase the difficulty. You can also perform a knee to armpit from an elbows down plank position.

Lunge Hold

Regression: Hold onto a wall, edge of couch, or a chair to help you balance.


Progression: Add resistance with bands or by holding onto additional weight.


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