Many of you have personally trained along side Team Reign Athletes and you know how hard they work… 

But not everyone gets a chance to see them showcase the final product.


This Saturday, two of our Team Reign Athletes will be competing in the 2014 Emerald Cup and they will have an opportunity to showcase their absolute best.

Martha will be competing in the Bikini Category.


Tyler will be competing in the Men’s Physique Category.


These two have put in some serious work for this contest prep and are looking very competitive. They have been great motivation for everyone and I know they would love to see you come out and support them.

Reign Fitness coaches will be at both the Pre-Judging and Evening shows so if you decide to come out… just shoot us a text, message online, or email and we would love to hang out.

We will also be there supporting Ramz who is also part of our extended Reign Fit Fam.

You can find more information on the Emerald Cup 2014 here.

Bonus: 3 Takeaway Tips From Team Reign Athletes Contest Prep Training  

In this Bonus section, I wanted to share some tips that you can takeaway from our Reign Athletes.

Yes, they are incredibly focused and hardworking but they utilize strategies that anyone can use to achieve personal fitness goals.


Here are the 3 Takeaway Tips From Team Reign Athletes Contest Prep Training


1. Simplify 

When it comes to training, nutrition, and fitness strategies… these athletes keep it simple.

Why? Because it’s easier to be successful when you don’t over complicate things.

Training: They stick to workouts that target big muscle groups like legs, back, and chest. We also incorporate a lot of big compound lifts that hit a lot of these big muscle groups at once like deadlifts, squats, and pushups.


You don’t have to overcomplicate your workouts, focus on perfect form and then training with intensity when the time is right.

Nutrition: You won’t see these athletes getting too fancy with their diets and meals. It’s pretty straight forward. Why? Because it helps them stay consistent and most importantly successful.

Don’t think you have to eat the same meal 5-6 times a day for 3+ weeks. You can start with eating the same snack a few times a week because you know it helps you regulate hunger and it also delivers 20+ grams of protein to your body.

Takeaway: Simplify your training and nutrition to make it easier to be successful. Go back to the basics and master them before you try to do anything else.


2. Prioritize   

One thing we do with Reign Athletes is prioritize.

We prioritize everything from goals to specific body parts. This helps us focus our attention onto one or two tasks and not overcomplicate the process which can lead to unnecessary struggle.

If the goal is to gain lean muscle…

We focus on gaining lean muscle and not trying to lower body fat quite so much.

If the goal is to build up shoulders…

We dedicate some extra time in the week to shoulders.


Too often, I see people take on way too much in training and nutrition. They attempt to build muscle while dropping body fat, build bigger legs, completely clean up their diet, and then try to introduce new training styles into their regimen.

In the end, they fall short of all of these things.

Takeaway: Try to prioritize things in your fitness program. Give just one or two things your complete focus. Avoid juggling too much at one time.


3. Be Passionate 

One thing you have to know about Team Reign Athletes is that they are extremely passionate about fitness and training.

It’s not just about what they look like or whether or not they win a trophy…

They are passionate about the entire process.


Takeaway: Make your fitness journey about more than just aesthetics. Make it a part of your life. You don’t have to fall in love with it right away but you do need to give it a fair chance.

Passion can fuel the momentum and help you achieve fitness goals. Be passionate.

We will be doing a follow up Blog posts with Team Reign Fitness Athletes which will include more pictures, results, and individual Team Reign athlete Q & A.

If you have any questions you want to ask these athletes or want to be featured in the blog post… please post them in the comments section below or email them to me at

Stay updated with all Reign Fitness News, Team Reign Athletes, and The Entire Reign Fit Fam by connecting with us on the Reign Fitness & Performance Facebook Page here. 



  1. Good luck reign fit athletes! Can’t wait to share the stage/backstage with you guys! Bringing tons of snacks !! Whooo!!! Get em !!!

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