Happy Easter! 

Easter doesn’t get much attention from the fitness world. 

Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas are the primary High Calorie Holidays.  
But when you take a closer look at Easter… 
It’s filled with sneaky calories that can sabotage any good diet. 
I personally remember the big feasts cooked up at church, candy filled eggs, and big dinners at home with family. Don’t forget the big candy baskets too. 

And don’t think you’ve outgrown Easter candy… I’ve been in this industry long enough to know that nobody outgrows lingering Easter candy! Nobody! 
I’m NOT condemning you from enjoying your Easter this year.

All I’m saying is prepare for it.


“If you know that you’re going to have a big Easter dinner to eat… Get a workout in. (Like the one we are going to give you in this post)”

“If you are on a nutrition plan and can’t indulge in the sweets… Pack your own snacks.”

By strategizing and planning ahead of time, you will not only be able to stay compliant with your goals… you will be able to enjoy Easter with everyone else. 
One way we wanted to help you… is with a quick workout that you can do pretty much anywhere as long as you have enough space to do a pushup. 
Holidays can be busy so we know the workout needed to be quick and it is.
Holidays also mean that making it to the gym might not be possible so this workout can be done right at home. 
And lastly, Holidays mean that friends and family will be around so we wanted to give you a workout that you can do with just about anyone. 
Enough talk, lets get to the workout. 

Full Body Blast Easter Workout 2014 

Directions: Perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second break. Repeat each round 2 times. Break 45 seconds – 2 minutes in between each round as necessary. Try to keep breaks as short as possible. Complete all 4 rounds in order before moving on to the finisher. 

(Click on exercises that are linked below for a video demo from the Reign Fitness YouTube Page.)

Round 1 

1. Jump Squats x 40 seconds
Break 20 seconds
2. Squat Hold x 40 seconds
Break 20 seconds

Regressions: If you can’t perform jump squats for exercise 1 don’t worry. Move to regular body weight squats.
Progressions: Add weight to your squat hold by holding dumbbells, books, pets, etc.

Round 2  

1. Mountain Climbers x 40 seconds
Break 20 seconds
2. Push Plank x 40 seconds
Break 20 seconds

Push To Plank Demo


Regressions: If push to planks are too difficult don’t worry, focus on holding just a plank with amazing form.
Progressions: Increase the difficulty on your mountain climbers by crossing your knees across the body towards the opposite elbow.

Round 3 

1. Lunges L/R x 40 seconds
Break 20 seconds
2. Lunge Hold L/R x 40 seconds
Break 20 seconds

Note: Perform both lunges and lunge hold on one leg for a complete round, then the second time through switch to the other leg.

Regression: Perform your lunges next to a table, edge of couch, or even a wall to help you balance. Use the support as you need for all lunges.

Progression: The progression for this round can be alternating lunge jumps for the first exercise and weighted lunge holds for the second. You can grab anything from dumbbells, books, or even pets to add as weight.

Round 4

1. High Knees (sprints in place) x 40 seconds
Break 20 seconds
2. Burpees x 40 seconds
Break 20 seconds

Regression: Check out some burpee regressions on the exercise resources page here.

Progressions: Check out some burpee progressions on the exercise resources page here.


2. V-sits

Countdown the reps from 12/10/8/6/4/2

ex. Complete 12 squats, 12 v-sits… then 10 squats, 10 v-sits

Complete as fast as possible while maintaining good form.
We want to wish you a Happy Easter but before you go…

We would love to hear some feedback from you. Comment below, post something on Facebook and tag us, or even find us on Instagram (@reignfitness)

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