Killer Abs

Last week we posted an Abs Workout on our Instagram (@ReignFitness) and Facebook Page (check out the Reign Facebook Page Here) that got a lot of attention.

For starters…

This Ab circuit is fun and challenging at the same time. And of course it’s going to give you that deep burn in your core to let you know it’s working.

We were stoked to hear that everyone liked it and we definitely plan on giving you more Ab circuits.


We got a lot of comments and feedback asking us to explain the workout, exercises, and provide some regressions as well. So, today’s post is going to cover the Killer Abs Circuit and cover a little coaching so that you can confidently get after this workout.

Before we get to the abs circuit, I just want to take a quick second to mention that this circuit is not the answer to a flat tummy and six pack abs.

“Without proper nutrition and a fitness routine, you could do this abs circuit 100 times and never see the results you’re looking for.”

So, make sure to…

  • Get on a Nutrition Protocol that is going to help you shed body fat so that you can reveal your flat tummy and 6 pack.
  • Workout consistently
  • Utilize fitness lifestyle strategies that will assist in getting you closer to your goals
  • Continue to progress in all aspects of your fitness journey

Killer Abs Exercises  


Side Plank 

Regression: Try bending your knees to create a larger surface area for you to balance. Maintain a straight hip and keep squeezing your glutes.
side plank on knees

Progression: Elevate your top leg from either the elbow down or hand down position. You can also reach under your torso with your top hand and slowly in a controlled motion reach back up to the sky.

V Sits


Regression: Start with your feet already elevated straight up as if you were going to do toe touches. From this position reach past your knees on the side of your legs. You can also do a bent leg version of the v sit which will put less tension on the core but allow for full range of motion.

Progression: Add weight into this exercise by holding a small medicine ball, dumbbell, or kettlebell. Focus on touching the ground above your head with your hands extended, then control the weight as you come up to reach for your feet.  

Alternating Bicycle Sit-Ups 


Regression: Perform all Bicycle Sit-Ups to one side rather than alternating. Switch to the other elbow to knee side on the next set.
Progression: Pause for 2-3 seconds at the top of each sit-up. Focus driving the elbow to the opposite knee and squeezing the core while you exhale.

Toe Touches 

Progression: Pause for 2-3 seconds at the top of every rep.

Leg Raises 

Regression: Move your hands under your lower back and perform the leg raises with your knees in a bent position.
Progression: Grab a small dumbbell or medicine ball and hold it between your legs while you perform your leg raises. If this is too difficult place the medicine ball in between your calves or knees.

Extended Flutter Kicks 

Regression: Lower the tension/difficulty on your core by raising your legs to a higher angle. As you get progress, start to lower your legs until your back down closer to the floor.
Progression: While flutter kicking move your legs up and down in a slow controlled motion as if you were performing leg raises.

Killer Abs Circuit “The Workout” 

Directions: Perform all the exercises in order for 30 seconds with just enough time to transition from one exercises to the next. Break for 45 seconds – 2 minutes as necessary in between each round. (each round is a completion of all the exercises 3 minutes and 30 seconds)
Repeat for 3-10 rounds
Side Plank x 30 seconds each side 
V-Sits x 30 seconds 
Alternating Bicycle Sit-Ups x 30 seconds 
Toe Touches x 30 seconds 
Leg Raises x 30 seconds 
Extended Flutter Kicks x 30 seconds 

Hope you enjoyed the workout!

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