It’s Monday, time to get ready for the week and…

Get motivated for the gym.

Running low on motivation? No worries, I got you. Check out all 25 Awesome things to help you get motivated to hit the gym, eat right, and make some serious gains.

1. If you want to see a change next week… (get motivated by scrolling through the rest of this post and taking action)


2. This baby gets it.


3. It doesn’t have to only be weight that you lose, size counts for a lot.


4. Pretty awesome and motivational to see this guy commit his life to muscles and being healthy.


5. Don’t put a limit on your ability.


6. Hey ladies, don’t forget about those New Years Resolutions you made.


7. How Do You Compare? Do you need to step your game up?


8. Don’t forget to challenge yourself with every workout. This little guy knows what to do.


9. Check out this guy and his amazing story. 70 Year old Bodybuilder.

10. Be a Healthy Role Model.


11. Just by losing fat, all these things get better. That’s pretty awesome.


12. We should all be deadlifting for more lean muscle mass, fat loss, and better bodies.


13. The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of

14.  Awesome workout gear can make you want to hit the gym more often.



15. Nothing is stopping this little guy. Awesome!


16. Bruce Lee give us all a reminder to stop thinking so much and get started. Thanks Bruce.

Bruce Lee

17. Go after your goals and don’t listen to negative people who are just hating on you.


18. This is an awesome graphic that shows whats happening on the inside.


19. This guy’s enthusiasm is contagious and his entire spin class is getting down! This is one spin class I would definitely want to be in.

20. Your mindset can set your level of success before you even start working out.


21. Nothing like seeing everyone in your Fit Family training like crazy people and working their butts off.


22. Somewhere out there, there’s a little girl who is doing more than you. Get your act together.


23. Awesome Poster quoting Ronnie Coleman.


24. Get ready for summer… now!


25. I absolutely love this commercial featuring Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks. It gives me chills every time and shows that you need to trust the power within.

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