We’ve  been getting a lot of requests for more workout videos so here it is…

The first workout video filmed in the Reign Fitness mini WARhouse.

A couple of things I wanted to share through the video…

  • Workouts don’t have to be fancy with a lot of rep/set schemes and tons of different exercises. In fact, some of the best workouts are simple and straightforward. When it’s simple, it allows you to push your intensity while keeping your form tight.
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment to get in a good workout. As you can see, the Reign Fitness mini WARhouse is pretty minimal and the workout doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Mesha still get’s a killer workout in.
  • Keep challenging yourself and measure your progress through tracking and repeating workouts. Even just a couple months back, Mesha’s dumbbells would have been lighter, the box would have been smaller, and her time would have been slower but she keeps challenging herself with strength goals. Don’t be afraid to fail, miss a rep, or risk getting a slow time. Challenge yourself in order to make even more progress.


The “Straight 8’s” Workout

Directions: Perform 8 reps for all the exercises back to back with no break. Maintain good form but make sure to challenge and push your intensity.



  1. Wow ! that looks great, simple but hard core. And Ranger is too darn cute. You guys do great things. Thanks for a awesome workout and post.

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