Training in 2014 has been pretty awesome.

I’m getting great feedback from the Reign Fitness Community and morale is through the roof.

But be careful.

It’s easy to get hyped about chasing your fitness goals and forget that fitness is a marathon not a sprint.

I see a lot of people get lost in the hype, jumping on any new fad diet, slipping on their training, and celebrate small successes to early. There’s also mistakes I see a lot of people making that they don’t know they are making and I can’t let them do it anymore.

So here it is…

10 Mistakes That Could Be The Reason You’re Gaining Weight and Falling Short of Fitness Goals

1. Track Nutrition

No you don’t have to become a calorie Nazi and be that one person everyone hates to eat with.

But if you want to see some real fitness success and visible results, you need to know what and how much is going in.

A lot of first time clients we consult with think they have an idea of how much food they are consuming, but when we have them track their food for 2 weeks, most are  shocked at their real caloric intake number.


You can use an app like My Fitness Pal that helps you track all your food and the best part is, the app is free. This is a great way to make sure you are staying compliant with your Macros and Nutrition numbers that will help you reach your fitness goals.

Failing to track nutrition can lead to over consuming and weight gain.

2. Starve Then Stuff (Your Face That Is)

I used to skip breakfast.

Be starving by lunch time then eat until I’m knocking on the door of food coma.

Work for the rest of the day and miss the dinner time around 6pm because I was still full from lunch.


Be starving again around 8 or 9 and stuff my face with whatever I was craving. (probably junk food)

By 11pm I’d be asleep, belly full of junk, so I could repeat the same thing the next day.

Sound familiar?

This is a quick way to pack on body fat, screw up your metabolism, and lose muscle mass.

Instead, try consuming your larger meals earlier in the day when you need energy and consuming smaller more balanced meals throughout the day.


3. Track Your Training 

As a personal trainer, I coach clients on when to go up in weight, change rep schemes, when to attempt a P.R., etc.

Of course there is a lot communication with the client but I’m the constantly tracking and following everything. I look to see if the client is getting stronger, if the nutrition is supplementing the workouts properly, and if the training is effective in helping the client reach their goals.

If any of these things are off, the appropriate adjustments are made and we try again.

If you don’t have someone doing this for you, then you should probably be the one doing it especially if you are serious about reaching fitness goals.


Tracking your training will help you assess progress and identify ineffective training. If you don’t see any progress for 2-3 weeks, you need to make a change. It doesn’t have to be super detailed in an excel spreadsheet or anything, a pencil and paper will do just fine. (I just use my I-phone to track) Write down your workout, some numbers like reps and weight, and how you felt.

At the end of the week/month, review your training.

(It’s also easy to see if you’re not training at all)

4. Cardio Addicted 

Cardio addicts be cautious.

You think you’re doing the right thing but you just might be sabotaging yourself.

Burning calories on cardio machines is no easy task. It can take up to an hour walking on a treadmill to burn just a few hundred calories. However it may feel like enough of a workout to reward yourself which is what happens with a lot of people but the reality is you didn’t really burn that many calories.


The sabotage comes with the fact that long bouts of aerobic exercise can potentially lead to loss of muscle mass and create the false perception of burning a lot of calories due to increased hunger.

Words of a wise man…

Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.

5. Next Best Thing 

Fad diets are amazing.

They are resilient and tenacious. As soon as one goes away, theres a new one to take it’s spot and the cycle is never broken.


What you have to do is remain cautious of anything that promises instant results. Trust me when I say nothing in fitness is just given to you. It’s the most honest thing I know and you really do have to work for all your results.

I would be cautious to any diets with a 2 or 3 week life cycle, anything that is strictly liquid based, any type of cleanse, and anything with a celebrity on the cover of a book. (Just saying)

Make sure that whatever you try or choose to follow is helping you create balance. Also remember that there is no substitute for your hard work, it’s more rewarding in the end this way.

6. Snack Attack 


I know many people who have suffered from the snack attack, myself included.

It’s when you take a few bites here and some more bites there. But how could just a few little nibbles make me gain weight?

The truth is…

It all adds up.

Track it and then you’ll know the truth. Even little bites count.

7. You Never Cheat 

I’ve had some epic cheat meals.

Cheat meals that leave you hating a particular food, let’ say pancakes, for the next 6 months.

Was it healthy for me to eat that many pancakes at one time? No, probably not. But I still managed to shed my goal of 15lbs before my vacation to Hawaii last summer.


Well, it was pretty easy.

I used cheat meals, 1 each week, to help curb my eating behavior during the week. If I was able to stay compliant and within my Macros during the week, I rewarded myself for 1 meal on the weekends.

Utilizing a cheat meal on the weekend, allowed me to resist more temptations during the week and stay on track with my eating. I was also able to satisfy my cravings by indulging in the 1 cheat meal. A lot of the time when it came for my cheat meal, I didn’t even really feel like indulging too much.


***Warning: I utilized 1 cheat meal a week on the weekend and it followed a heavy strength training workout. I’ve had some clients mistaken a cheat meal for a cheat day. This would be a giant No No. Make sure to abide by this rule.

8. Failure To Plan 

The meal I struggled with the most was lunch.

I’d be at work, hungry, and let my stomach decide what lunch would be. Naturally, it would make terrible choices and proved that it couldn’t be trusted.

This wasn’t a failure of will power but a failure to plan.

When I started pre-planning my meals I realized not only was lunch easy, every meal was easy to stay compliant with.


I didn’t have to make any decisions because I had already done so the evening before when I pre-planned all my meals. It was also easier to resist temptation, especially when all my co-workers would go out to eat together, because I already had something I brought. This made it easy to shed body fat, get closer to my goals, and save money.

Planning ahead to give yourself to best chance to succeed.

9. Don’t Forget To Be Active 

I used to have a client who trained with me 2-3 times a week and worked fairly hard in the gym.

We saw some significant weight loss in the first couple months.

By month 3 we hit a wall.

The training continued and month 4 still didn’t see any changes. So I did some investigating.

It turns out, the only active thing my client does is train with me 2 times a week for maybe an hour each time. The rest of the time she sits at work or at home. You can’t expect to see results if your not being active.


The first couple months she was walking daily with her husband, going hiking on the weekends with her family, and even going to a Hip Hop dance class with her daughter every other week.

When the activity level dropped way down to 2 hours a week with me… (she was even more consistent with 3 training days a week before) her calories burned, metabolism, and lean muscle mass dropped equally low.

Strive for an active lifestyle to see more results.

10. Failure To Commit 

What differentiates this time from all the others?

For the last 5 years, I’ve heard it all. Every reason, excuse, and promise that this time is for real and different from the last.

I’ve said it before… Fitness is honest. It’s what draws me to it.

You can talk as much as you want but if you don’t really commit, do the work day in and day out, and make a real effort… You’ll be right where you started, still talking.


So how do you really commit?

  • Be honest with yourself. (take a long look in the mirror)
  • Take the time to set and write down real goals.
  • Create a plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Find accountability if you need it.
  • Find your motivation.
  • Educate yourself.
  • Read more from The Reign Fitness Blog
  • Set a deadline for your goals.
  • Let your actions speak for you.
  • Start now.
  • Start right now.
  • Don’t wait any longer, start right now.


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