Fitness this time of the year is awesome.

New Years Resolutions create lots of momentum around working out and get people inspired about fitness again. (Well, at least for the month of January…maybe February.)

But we all know… this buzz doesn’t last very long.



My goal in this post is to help you take advantage of the New Years momentum and give you some real life strategies that I’ve personally seen work with Reign Fitness clients that will make sure your still going even after all the hype has died down.

***NOTE: Remember, theres a good chance that not all of these strategies will work for you, especially if you try to do them all at the same time. My advice is to try the one that you feel the most confident in being successful at. Once your cruising with that strategy, move to the next one, and so on.

1. Set a 6 Week Goal and Stick To It 

A big mistake people make with New Years Fitness Resolutions is picking one big a** ambitious goal.

There’s nothing wrong with an ambitious goal but it can be difficult to stay motivated when there is no real deadline or the light at the end of the tunnel is far away. This is probably why most gyms lose a lot of members in february, just a month after New Years.

One strategy we like to utilize with Reign Fitness clients is picking a 6 week goal in addition to a long term goal. A 6 week goal is short enough to make sure you feel some pressure but also enough time for you to see serious results.

Be sure to choose a reasonable but challenging goal to achieve in 6 weeks.

Ex. If your long term goal is to lose 40 pounds. A good 6 week goal might be to lose 12 pounds.

***Note: A 6 week goal is a great tool to use throughout the year. After the first 6 weeks is up, pick another 6 week goal and make it even more challenging.

2. Small Changes Add Up To Big Results 

I get it.

You want big results.

Lose the 30+ pounds. Get the 6 pack abs. Put on the 15 pounds of muscle. Get Shredded.

And most people will make big changes to get these big results. I’m guilty of this too. (like spending a ton of money and buying every single supplement that could potentially help you)


The truth is…

It’s the small changes that are consistent in your everyday lifestyle that add up to give you the Big Results.

Your Move: Pick 5 small habits that you can stick to consistently that will benefit your fitness goals.

(Albert’s 5 small habits for everyday)

1. Take Vitamins
2. Drink lots of water (3liters to 1 gallon)
3. Get 200g of protein
4. Get 7 hours of sleep
5. Smile more (helps with mood)

3. Look Good Feel Good

Every January I get to train clients that come in with awesome new fitness gear they picked up over the holidays.

It’s great to see because I’ve always noticed that when people get a pair of new workout shoes or a new workout shirt they start training harder.
The gym isn’t the first place you’d think about looking your best since you’re their to train and sweat but I’ve noticed that when people do take the time to look the part they perform better. It’s like dressing up for work. You put on the uniform to do the job.

In this case, you put on the uniform to take your training seriously and workout hard.

Your Move: Boost your confidence and morale by looking the part.

4. Fit Fam 

I can’t stress how important, beneficial, and awesome having a “Fit Fam” or Fitness Family is. (You can check out the Reign Fitness Family #ReignFitFam on instagram)


A Fit Fam is essentially a community, person, or group that supports you and your fitness goals. It doesn’t have to be a gym, a personal trainer, or even a big group of people. It can be an online group, just one friend, two friends, a family member, it can be anyone.


Getting in shape is hard, it’s even harder to do it all by yourself. A Fit Fam can encourage you, keep you accountable, give you advice, just listen to you when you need it, provide coaching, offer opportunities, inspire and motivate you, etc.

Your Move: Make an effort this year to find a Fit Fam online or in person.

5. Do The Things You Enjoy 

It happens more often than you think.
I listen to people who hate running say they’re going to start running and a month later they stop running.

To see amazing results and maintain them, you have to eventually find a way to make fitness a lifestyle. The easiest way to do this in my opinion is by doing things you like to do.

If you like to play basketball, incorporate it into your training by playing pickup once a week.

If yoga is your thing, keep it consistent.


If you love high intensity, weight lifting, and pushing your body to it’s full potential… More power to you. (You’re my kind of people)

Hope these strategies help you take advantage of the New Years Momentum!

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Here’s to being Reign Strong in 2014.

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