Every woman I’ve coached, trained with, or be-friended through fitness is motivated by something that continually pushes them towards their fitness goals.

It’s the driving factor for them, their fuel, and without it…

Things can quickly come to a stop.

For some, motivation is hardwired into their DNA and it’s a little easier. For others, it’s a struggle and they might need a personal trainer, a team, visuals of their goals, deadlines, or even the experience of failure once.

But the reality is, we all need it in order to keep going.

And as the holidays hit schedules harder and promote more high calorie treat consumption, I wanted to share some of the motivation tips we use with Reign Clients to help you in your fitness journey. I’ve also had to use a lot these strategies lately so I thought the timing was good for this post.

1. Recognize Your Motivation 

“This Girl Is On Fire….”
What fuel’s your fire? What drives your mind, body and soul?

You may be driven by medical reasons, emotional reasons or just need to make a fresh start in life.

Whatever it may be, you need to give yourself the chance to identify it. This means setting aside some “me” time and really trying to answer the why’s. I meet and consult with so many women who want to get in shape but when we sit down to go over goals, they really don’t know why they’re doing this besides being out of shape.


This is a really important step to take before starting any fitness program and too often it’s overlooked/skipped.

When you do find the reasons why you’ve decided to start working out, I promise that it will become your biggest motivation. I like to write them all down so I don’t forget them and re-read them when I need a little extra motivation.

Your Move: Set aside and take the time to identify what drives you to workout and make fitness a priority.

2. Remind Yourself Of That Motivation 

Once you find out what motivates you, don’t lock it up and put it away in your mind or written down somewhere in a notebook.
Write them down on sticky notes and put them up around your house (I like to put them up on the bathroom mirror and fridge), in your car, and even on the monitor at work. Visually reminders are a great way to continually recognize your motivations.


Put the sticky notes in places you always look at.

I just recently had some friends and clients try the sticky note strategy out and…

Let’s just say I already see a change in their attitudes, intensity when they train, and confidence. It’s awesome.

Your Move: Put up sticky notes to remind yourself of what is motivating you.

3. Look For Multiple Sources Of Motivation 

Motivation can come from within and also from the things that inspire you.

I used to think that the only place I could find fitness motivation were the fit magazines but it really wasn’t working for me. I didn’t want to be like any of the women in the magazines and it wasn’t inspirational.

This is when I realized how it important it was to look for multiple sources of motivation to find the things that really inspire you.


Later on, I found blogs, youtube videos, books, and pictures of all the things that connected with me. By having multiple sources of motivation, you don’t have to depend on only one.

Some of the places I find motivation:

  • Youtube Fitness Videos
  • Books (doesn’t have to just be fitness either)
  • Blogs (One of my favorites Carrots ‘N’ Cake)
  • Fitness Models/Athletes I look up to
  • My Clients
  • Pictures (Instagram has been a quick and easy way to remind myself of what I’m trying to accomplish)
  • Clothes/Fashion
  • Before & After stories/pictures of transformations

4. Set A Deadline 

One thing that always motivates me and Reign Fitness clients are deadlines.

You had them in school, now for paying bills, and in work.

Deadlines have a way in keeping people accountable and productive.

Your Move: Give yourself a deadline to reach a fitness goal.

5. Have Fun 

This should be at the top of your list!

If you’re not having FUN with your FITNESS, it can be easy to get off track and lose interest in your workouts.

Find the activity that YOU love and enjoy. (I Love Lifting Weights!)


Whether it’s Yoga, hiking, Pilates, Zumba, CrossFit, Running, hitting the gym, etc. Remember that fitness is a lifestyle not a chore and in order to be consistent you have to enjoy what you do. 
Your Move: Make it a priority to pick a workout that you really have fun doing.

6. Fix The Attitude & Root For Yourself  

Your biggest motivator should be you. Your attitude, self-talk and mindset are everything.

Everyday, every week, and every success – celebrate it if it was a step forward for you. Women are too hard on themselves, I know because I am one and I train nearly all women. We are quick to come down on ourselves and almost never lift ourselves up. You can’t forget to root and cheer yourself on.


It’s important to have an attitude that reflects how successful you want to be with fitness. If you go into it anticipating the first time your going to fail, I’m sure you will fail. Instead, flip that attitude and know that you are in control of your life, body, the food you put into it, and how much you exercise.

But it all starts with a positive attitude.

Your Move: Cheer yourself on and maintain a positive attitude towards your fitness journey.

So tell me ladies, what’s your motivation?

What drives you?

Reign Strong,


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  1. These are all great pointers! I find that Instagram is a huge help for me when I’m lacking motivation. It’s inspiring to see women lifting heavy weight and getting after it. It puts me in the right mindset to get out the door (which is definitely the hardest part!) and attack my workout.

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