Maybe it’s the holiday season or everyone getting ready to look good for The New Years but for some reason I have been getting a lot more fitness questions lately.

I try to answer them as fast as I can but it can be challenging. It’s especially hard when I keep answering the same questions.


I decided to post and answer as many questions as I could so that everyone in the Reign Fitness Community could benefit.

Most of the answers are short and general but if you would like more elaboration and/or help, feel free to drop a comment or email me directly. or email

All of these range from general fitness questions to questions about my specific training so I hope you can find one thing that helps you.

1. I haven’t worked out in a long time, how should I be working out? 

Start with the basics, bodyweight movements and workouts that train to full body.

The important thing is to just get started.

But here are some general guidelines for you.

If you’re looking to get all around more fit, make your workouts more metabolic. If you’re looking to get stronger and build size, train more weights. If you’re looking to lose weight, incorporate more high intensity interval training and full body workouts.

2. How long before a workout should I eat? 

My recommendation is always a minimum of 90 minutes.

I know people who can eat right before they workout, personally I need at least an hour. But make sure you try it out on your own and find what works for you.

3. What should I eat before I workout? 

I’m not even going to answer this one because we have a blog post about it. Check it out  3 Great Pre-Workout Snacks: Fuel For A Great Workout


4. I want to gain muscle, how should I workout? 

Start strength training with weights and focus on the bigger muscle groups with big complex exercises. Exercises like deadlifts, squats, pushups, bench press, rows, presses etc.

These are the exercises that will help you gain strength and size plus, you will be using them for the rest of your training life.

5. How much protein should I be consuming if I’m working out? 

Women should be consuming .5 gram to 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.
Men should be consuming .75 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight.

A good general number to hit for protein is 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.

6. What supplements do you take and what supplements should I be taking? 

Right now, I am in a strength and size building phase and this is what my supplements look like.

Protein (Whey, Casein)
Fish Oil

For all Reign Fitness clients and anyone we work with I recommend utilizing a good quality whey protein, multi-vitamin, and fish oil.

Whey protein is going to help with recovery/building lean muscle mass, the multi-vitamin is going to help deliver some vital micronutrients, and the fish oil is going to give you some good fats. Fish oil will also help with inflammation after a hard workout.

7. How come I stopped seeing results when I’m training and eating the same? 

Your body adapts very well to training stimulus.

This is why you have to add more weight, vary exercises, and alternate workouts. In order to continually keep seeing results, make sure you are changing up your program every 6-12 weeks depending on how your body is adapting.

It may be time to add more weight, train with more intensity, or dial in your nutrition even more.

8. I Don’t Have a Lot of Time To Exercise What Should I do? 

Try full body circuit training and high intensity intervals.

They pack the most punch and can even turn 15 minutes into a killer workout.

Check out The Reign Fitness Workout Posts because it’s packed with awesome quick workouts.

9. Can anyone buy a Reign Strong t-shirt? 

Yes, but not through the website yet. Email and we will be happy to help you get one.


10. What is the difference between your training and Mesha’s training? 

Besides the amount of weight differences on the exercises there really isn’t much difference.

Men and women who have goals for being fit shouldn’t really train any different. I know women think that they will get bulky if they train like a guy but it’s not true. Mesha even wrote a blog post on it – Strong is the New Sexy + 4 Workout Myths Broken Down For Women. 


We each have lagging body parts that we focus on and give more attention to but that’s about it. Otherwise we both strength train, olympic lift, and incorporate different types of cardio.

11. What is your favorite late night snack? 

My current favorite late night snack is protein pudding that I make.


Take 1 0% fat Fage Greek Yogurt (I like this greek yogurt the best for mixing + it has 18g protein) and mix with 2 scoops of your favorite whey or casing protein. Add a 1 tablespoon or less of almond milk. Eat as is or put it in the freezer for a couple minutes to get it a bit thicker.

12. I keep skipping workouts, how do I make sure I get a workout in? 

This is a tough one because you really have to commit to your goals first.

But after you whole heartedly commit to your fitness goals, some good strategies to keep you from skipping workouts include…

– finding a workout partner to keep you accountable
– getting a personal trainer
– making your workout the first thing you do in the morning
– having quick short workouts to get you into the flow of getting workouts down quickly

13. How do you put on weight if you have a hard time eating a lot? 

Try adding in a couple extra protein shakes in your day to start.

You can add some blended oatmeal to each of your shakes to boost carbs and calories. It’s a quick way to boost your macros.

14. Is it okay to have a cheat meal? 

My initial answer is yes.

It is a great strategy to help curb nutrition behavior during the week and can keep you sane on a nutrition program for a long time.

However, it also depends on your specific goals and timeline. If you are on training and nutrition program to lose weight by a certain date that’s coming up, then no.

15. Can you put on muscle and size as a Vegan? 

Yes, you can.

It’s the same process of managing your macro nutrients with the allowed protein sources, supplementing with the appropriate proteins, and training hard.

There will probably be more creativity involved in your nutrition.

16. What exercise would you recommend to help burn a lot of calories.  

That’s easy, burpees.


17. What should I do to lose weight? 

I get this very general question a lot.
Here is the general outline.

– Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day
– Exercise daily or at least 3 times a week.
– Drink 0 calorie beverages
– Be active as much as possible especially if you sit all day at work
– Cook with fresh organic foods as much as possible

This should be a good start.
Okay, I answered as many questions as I could tonight hope you got something out of it. If you know someone who may benefit from this post please forward this to them.

You can post a link on their fb page, email it, or even read it out loud to them. Just share please.

I will work on posting and answering more as they come in.

Until next time…

Reign Strong

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