To All Strong And Sexy Women.

When it comes to health, fitness, and working out; every woman interprets what Strong means to them and what makes them feel Sexy.

For some women, they feel strong and sexy when they go for a run, for others it’s yoga, Pilates, martial arts, dancing, Zumba, CrossFit, Boot Camp, Body Building, etc.


Whatever it is, every woman feels strong and sexy in their own way. Personally, I love strength training because it makes me feel strong and sexy when I lift weights. Why? Because for me, it’s all about how I feel inside and how my body feels. It’s more than just how much weight I can lift. It’s about how much control I have, how much I can feel my muscles working, and how close to perfect I can get my form. It’s connecting the mental and physical. When all these things are clicking, I feel empowered. I feel strong. I feel sexy.


Believe it or not, I used to be afraid of the gym and lifting weights. I hated working out, ate whatever I wanted, and thought that lifting weights would make me look bulky like the hulk. It didn’t help that everyone else told me the same thing.

 “Mesha, don’t lift weights because you’re gonna get too ‘buff’.”

                                                                    – Literally everyone 

For the longest time I believed the myths, listened to everyone else, and stayed clear of any gym. Working out and fitness was out of the question. But eventually like many other women out there, I had a change of heart and decided to give the getting in shape thing another try. Surprise, surprise.
My first time back in the gym was horrible. I couldn’t do one pushup, my lunges were hideous, and the list of weak body parts go embarassingly on and on. It was definitely a wake up call for me. After that embarrassing day in the gym, I was committed to make a change. I was strong on the inside, spiritually and emotionally – but lacking the physical strength left me feeling incomplete. This is when I decided to start training and really work hard to build my strength.

I know lifting can seem scary. The weight room can seem intimidating with all those guys puffing their chests out but don’t let that or any weight training myths get to you. I’ve heard them all before and today I want to break down the top FOUR Myths to show you that lifting weights can help you feel Strong and Sexy.

Okay here are the 4 Workout Myths Broken Down For All The Women.

Myth 1: Lifting Heavy Makes You Bulky

This is one of the most common things I hear women talk about when it comes to weight training. For some reason, women think that you will suddenly grow large amounts of muscle from lifting weights and turn into a female version of the hulk. This is completely not true. Women’s testosterone levels are 15 to 20 times lower than those of men which makes our bodies less likely to gain large amounts of muscle.


There are men in gyms everyday, training really hard, that want to gain muscle and have a hard time doing it. You as a woman won’t bulk up from lifting a few times a week. Gaining even a little lean muscle is a lot harder than you think.

However, there are some women out there who may ‘feel’ as if they may look‘bulky’ and it is usually the result of adding muscle without monitoring your diet or burning fat. Obviously, this is when consistent clean nutrition comes into play so you can burn fat, build muscle and lose inches. End Result? Looking like a LEAN machine!

Myth 2: Muscle Can Turn Into Fat

Who made this myth up? I’m sure you have heard something like this too.

Let me break down the facts for you: Muscle and Fat are TWO totally different types of tissues, so even if you, slacked off for two weeks during the holidays, all that hard-earned muscle you worked your booty off for during those training sessions won’t turn into fat. I REPEAT. YOUR MUSCLE WILL NOT TURN INTO FAT.

So what happens to your muscles if they don’t turn into fat? Well, with lack of use, muscle cells shrink. AND… if they shrink to a certain size, they will unfortunately die. Good thing for muscle memory!

However, if you do lose muscle mass, you will burn fewer calories per day. This means that if your caloric intake remains the same, and you are not training, the excess food energy that is not burned can be stored as fat.

Myth 3: Cardio Burns More Fat

I know a lot of women who still think that spending hours on the elliptical machine is going to help them burn more fat. WRONG! First, it’s a waste of time. Secondly, lifting weights increases the baseline number of calories you burn each day.

Did you know that muscle tissue is the most metabolically active tissue in our bodies? This means that the more muscle you have, the more energy you expend just to live day in and day out.

Myth 4: Lifting Will Make you Gain Weight 

It’s not so much a myth but more of a misunderstood truth.

Leaner and lighter are not the same things. You can be lighter but not leaner as well as leaner but not lighter. This is due to muscle tissue weighing more than fat. Fat tissue also takes up more volume than muscle. This is why you may have pants that fit better but your weight hasn’t changed much.


However, physical results can be dramatic.


In the past year, I have trained harder and lifted heavier than ever before. The more muscle I’ve gained, the more pounds I dropped. I’ve dropped 11lbs total and I was finally able to fit into my first pair of seven jeans! (this has been a long time goal of mine)

Sometimes the scale can fool you and make you obsessed. Numbers don’t always mean everything. Use your jeans to measure your progress.

If you are a woman reading this article, please share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you…

What makes you feel STRONG and SEXY?

Reign Women, Reign Strong,

P.S. Don’t forget to tell your girlfriends that Strong is the new Sexy.


  1. Thanks for this blog Mesia!! It’s so awesome to see and hear all the progress you are making and strength you are gaining! Running makes me feel strong. I know that, at some point, I need to incorporate more strength training into my workouts, but with my schedule and motivation (or lack thereof) running, running more, and running further is where I’m at. Let me be clear, I hate running. I always have but it’s the only way to get my entire body to respond and lean out. And it’s fast! When I first started training, I remember I ran for maybe 15-20 min a day for two weeks and dropped a whole pant size! The bottom line? Running is hard. So when I run a 28 min 5k, when I make it to 6 miles in under and hour, when I finally made it to eight miles the other day, I know that I am doing something that I not only never thought I could do, but something that not everyone else can do. It makes me feel accomplished and very strong. Okay and sexy too. Heh. ❤

    1. Shaina! Thank you so much for checking out our blog and sharing your thoughts with us! It is so great to hear that you are still running and getting faster, stronger and leaner. I remember those runs we did together and you’ve come so far since then. So proud and happy. If it makes you feel good, empowered and strong and sexy; keep on keepn’ on girl! I look forward to seeing photos and reading your posts about your running adventures! Thanks again for your comment, we appreciate your support!

      Reign Strong,

  2. Bravo. Strong IS the new sexy. Stereotypes for women are being broken down everyday. What a great time to be alive! Whether it’s in the workplace, in the gym, or at home, we’re stronger than ever, literally! Society is one tough mother. To think outside the box, or challenge is enough to become an outcast. To see so many outcasts is awesome! Great read, thank you.

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