Reign Fitness has been getting a lot of requests via email and Facebook messages from all of you, The Reign Fitness Community, for more posts on nutrition and workouts.


I’m here to deliver.

In this Reign Fitness blog post I’m going to give you a workout I like to call “Weekend Wake Up Call”. It’s not because you have to wake up early. It’s more to help you be mindful of your fitness goals over the weekend.

Weekends are great but can also be disastrous for people training hard to reach goals. You need to be cautious of things like excess calories consumption, lack of activity, and even bad influences that can lead you to more temptation.

Sometimes, people are so exhausted from the work week they forget how bad they want the results and make poor decisions regarding their health/fitness.

I’m here to help remind you why you train so hard, why you changed your eating, and how bad you want those results. Try this workout sometime over the weekend when you need a wake up call and I’m sure it will put things back into perspective. You will be very happy you did it.

We will be covering some nutrition topics such as meal prepping, portion control, and recipes as well in the near future through the Reign Fitness Youtube Channel. All videos will be posted here on the Reign Fitness Blog too. These will be a follow up to the last video post “What We Buy At The Grocery Store”.

Okay, enough talk here is the workout.

Weekend Workout Tip: I like to plan and schedule my workouts on the weekend in order to make sure that it gets done and not in the way of any other plans. If it’s a priority, you need to make plans for it just like you would for going out with friends. Schedule it into your calendar to make sure that it gets done. Also, if you are planning a cheat meal over the weekend, this would be a great workout to do before you go eat.

Weekend Wake Up Call Workout 

Part 1 

Directions: Complete all the exercises in order for the set number of reps each round. Try to complete all rounds with no break. If you have to break take 45 seconds to 1 minute or until you can feel your heart rate start to come down. The goal is to complete the workout as fast as possible but with good form. Never sacrifice time for form.

***Not sure how to perform an exercise or do you want to try an exercise progression, check out the exercise resource page for links to short exercise video demos on the Reign Fitness Youtube Page)

(For the lunges, the number of reps is for each leg. Example: If it says to perform 5 reps, that is 5 reps each leg.)

Round 1: 10 reps
Round 2: 15 reps
Round 3: 8 reps
Round 4: 5 reps
3. Alternating Lunge + 1 second hold at bottom (knee is 1 inch above ground)
4. Pushup + 2 second hold at bottom
5. Bodyweight Squats + 3 second hold at bottom

Part 2 “Wakeup” 

Directions: Complete all the exercises in order for the set amount of time.

1. V sits x 20 seconds
2. Toe Touches x 20 seconds
3. Burpees x 20 seconds
4. Planks x 30 seconds
Repeat for 3-4 rounds.
Break 45 seconds – 1 minute after each round.

Before You Leave…
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