Over the weekend, we traveled down to Shelton, WA with the Reign Fitness crew, to see one of our friends and clients compete in the NPC Fitstop24 Northwest Championship Bikini competition.

It’s always great to see Martha showcase all of the hard work, dedication, and training she puts in week after week at the gym. All of us in the Reign Fitness & Performance community have tons of respect for her and love to see her do well.

The Reign Fitness Family that made it down to support Martha.
Reign Fitness & Performance with Martha

Her training for the show was very similar to the training prep we had for the 2013 Ironman Washington about a month ago where she placed first in her bikini class.

We follow an upper body/lower body split training style with a focus on body parts we want to build up.

It’s so important for anyone, not just competitors to focus on weaker and lagging body parts. Walk into any big globo gym and you’ll see the same thing. 90% of people training what they want to train and not what they need to be training.

We will have Martha hit lagging body parts sometimes twice a week with up to 14-20 sets per weaker body part. Reps and weight scheme vary depending on whether or not she’s preparing for a show or off season training.

Ramsey and Mesha rockin the Reign Strong T-shirts!

This years’ show was definitely bigger with more competitors especially in the women’s figure and women’s bikini classes. You can definitely tell that more women are finding the sport and making it very competitive.

All the other categories were also more competitive making the pre-judging process a bit longer. It gave us a lot of down time before Martha’s class but enjoyed watching all the other athletes compete.

Reign Fitness Crew chilling at the show!

Just last year, Martha competed in the same show and placed third. After a year of training hard and dedication, she came in ready to win and placed first. It just shows what’s possible when you dedicate yourself to a goal and work hard for it.

Martha on stage at the NPC Fitstop24


For us, the drive back is always more nerve wrecking because they don’t announce the results until the evening show. It also doesn’t help that her class was the last group up so we wouldn’t hear the results until really late.

Thankfully her husband and our friend, Ramsey, was nice enough to keep us updated via text and give us the play by play throughout the show. Thanks again Ramsey!

Finally around 10pm, we got the good news that she had won first place and we were off to go meet them for a customary victory cheat meal celebration.

Reign Fitness Crew celebrating Martha’s First Place with a Cheat Meal!

But the road doesn’t end here.

We are back to the drawing boards and will be getting her ready for more shows in the future. Be sure to follow more updates by joining the Reign Fitness Community on Facebook and on the FREE Reign Fitness Newsletter.

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