Working out on Fridays can be challenging.

Social obligations, exhaustion from the work week, and even traffic can all defer you from hitting the gym.

But don’t worry about a thing because not only am I going to hook you up with a killer Reign Fitness Style workout that you can do anywhere – I’m going to give you some nutrition tips to boost your results over the weekend.

Here is the Reign Fitness & Performance Freaky Friday Workout

Part 1 Workout – Countdown 

(***Note: You can click any linked exercises for a video demo from the Reign Fitness & Performance Youtube Channel)

Directions: Perform all exercises in order for the set number of reps not resting until the last exercise. Once finished break for 30 seconds-1 minute as necessary. Repeat for the designated number of rounds. If you are looking for a real challenge, don’t break.

Round 1: 10 Reps each
Round 2: 8 Reps each
Round 3: 6 Reps each
Round 4: 4 reps each
Round 5: 2 reps each

1 1/2 Body Weight Squats (Go down into a full squat but instead of coming all the way up, come up half way then back down to the bottom of the squat, finally  come all the way up – this is one rep)

Pushups (Check out some pushup progressions on our Exercise resources page)
Lateral Lunges Right 

Part 2 Workout – Every Minute On The Minute 

Perform the exercise or the set number of reps at the top of  every minute. Once you complete reps, the rest of the minute is recovery. You will alternate exercises every minute. On the odd minutes you will perform bodyweight squats and on the even minutes you will perform burpees.

Pick a number of reps for each exercise that you will be able to keep consistent through the entire workout but one that is still challenging. If you are not sure, start with less reps and add more as you go along. The general rule is to not have more than 30+ seconds of recovery.

Also, choose the amount of time you want to train for below according to the difficulty scale. I always tell Reign Fitness clients that once you pick your reps and/or time (they usually don’t have the luxury to pick the time) you have to commit to finishing it. Do not give up and believe in yourself to finish.

Total Time For Workout 
10 Minutes =  Decent
14 Minutes = Moderate
16 Minutes = Challenging

Even Minutes: Burpees (add a progression to make it more difficult, check out progressions in the Reign Fitness Exercise Resources Page)

For Squats choose between 15-30 reps.
For Burpees choose between 8-15 reps.

***Note: Remember, if you notice that you are consistently having more than 30+ second recovery breaks, add reps to the set.

Nutrition Tips 

Tip #1 Workout Before Eating Carbs 

It’s friday night, I get it.

People go out to restaurants, have a drink, and eat carbs. It’s life and I’m not saying you can’t go out and live it. But what you can do is prepare for it and use strategies to help you moving forward towards your fitness goals. If you know that your going out to eat and will be eating carbs, make sure you get in a killer workout like the one above or check one out on our Workouts Page. By training before you go out to eat carbs, your body will be able to process and use it more effectively.

Tip #2 Protein 

After you workout, make sure to get in some quality protein in order to help you build that lean muscle and recover. Try using a high quality protein that absorbs quickly and can help the muscles start recovering sooner. I personally use and suggest to all my Reign Fitness clients, Progenex protein. The short story is it’s high quality protein and tastes good. It’s not easy to find a combination like that these days.


Consuming a protein shake can also hold your body over until you get showered, dressed, and to the restaurant for your meal. This process can be longer than a few hours, I know from experience, the protein shake will help curb your hunger so you don’t go ballistic at dinner.

Tip #3 Avoid Calories in Beverages 


Have you ever looked at a burger and thought twice about it because of how unhealthy and calorie packed it looked?

I have.

But what about drinks? Soda, beer, cocktails, and wine all have calories but most of us don’t even realize it. 3 drinks later you’ve consumed more calories than there was in the burger. So, as friday night hits remember to be aware of hidden calories in beverages. It’s a quick way to pack on the pounds without even knowing it.

Tip #4 Avoid Exhaustion with a Pre-Workout Snack

If you ever feel like you just don’t have the energy to make it to the gym and workout after work, grab a pre-workout snack. It’s amazing what a little food can do for you, assuming you haven’t eaten anything since lunch, and your morale. When it comes to pre-workout nutrition it’s all about fueling your body for performance so you can kick ass during your workout.

Check out some great pre-workout snack options in the last Reign Fitness Blog post here.  “3 Great Pre-Workout Snacks: Fuel For A Great Workout.” 

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