This workout is one of my all time favorite workouts.

Because it can be done anywhere, doesn’t require any equipment, doesn’t take much time (well now it doesn’t), and it’s a hard full body workout. All you need is a space big enough for you to do pushups, a timer, and yourself.

The full body workout is geared to help you get stronger, burn fat, and really challenge you. This is no walk in the park. If it’s easy, then it’s time to add in some progressions or take up the intensity.

Some Reign Fitness Clients have questioned why it’s so lower body intensive. Well, the short answer is – the goal in fat loss is to burn calories. By working bigger muscles in the body, like the lower body muscles, we are able to burn more calories. (bigger muscles require more energy = more calories burned)

If you haven’t been training, ignore the timer and just get through the workout with minimal breaks. If you have been training, go big or go home and get a killer workout in.

Mentally Tough 

The Body Weight 300 Workout is one I like to use with new clients. Why? Because it get’s them mentally tough very fast. It helps flip that switch in their brain and really helps them realize… “If I want to reach my goals, I’m going to have to really get after it, and it’s not going to be easy.”

But once they finish this milestone workout, their confidence is at a new high.

Train hard, don’t give up, because nothing in this fitness journey is going to be given to you or easy. Be mentally tough.

The Body Weight 300 Workout

Directions: Perform all exercises for the set number of reps and in the order listed. Start the timer with your first rep and stop it when you finish your last rep. The goal is to finish as quickly as possible while maintaining good form on all reps.

1. Squat Jumps x 25 reps

2. Body weight squats x 25 reps

3. Pushups x 50 reps

4. Lunges Left Leg x 25 reps

5. Lunges Right Leg x 25 reps

6. Mountain Climbers x 50 reps

7. V-sits x 50 reps

8. Burpees x 50 reps

Challenge Yourself Next Time 

This is a workout Reign Fitness members have done many times. Whether your doing the workout with a trainer, friends, or alone the important thing is that you are continually challenging yourself. By attempting to beat your PB/PR Personal Best or Personal Record for the time it takes you to finish this workout, you can continually motivate yourself to work harder.

But remember, do not sacrifice form for time. It’s more important to have good form and work the right muscles for each exercise. When Reign Fitness clients are doing this workout with a trainer, they have someone watching nearly every rep. Make sure you uphold the same standard.

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  1. Just did this workout again, 15:26! I was hoping for at least a three minute change but progress is progress 😛

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