When you get to the point where your unhappy with your body, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.

One lifestyle factor, that could be contributing to excessive weight gain is work. It’s where we spend a big portion of our day eating, socializing, working, stressing, and living.

According to the article “Gaining Weight At Work” from CNN living,

“49 percent of workers claimed they’ve gained weight at their current job…Twenty-eight percent of workers have gained more than 10 pounds at his or her present job, while an additional 13 percent of employees have gained more than 20 pounds.” 

Inactivity used to be the only issue related to weight gain at work, desk Jockeys were eating more and moving less. But now, more factors are contributing to your waistline expansion.

Eating Out

Eating out for lunch is not a bad thing when you have some healthy choices. But most of the time you go out for lunch, it’s not very healthy and bad choices can quickly cause weight gain.

Social Pressure 

The alarming thing is that workers are not gaining weight alone.
There is social pressure to join the co-workers at lunch or even after work for happy hour. Even in situations where you bring a lunch from home, the fact that the rest of the group is going somewhere else for lunch can lead you to ditch the salad you packed for a greasy burger.


If you travel for work, you immediately face some challenges and without preparation and planning, weight gain is almost a guarantee. Not only do you have long periods of not eating, when you do eat, the available food choices are not always the healthiest.

Also when your traveling for work, you may be on the company’s dime. Meaning, food and drinks are on someone else’s dollar. This can quickly lead to some serious gluttony and some serious pounds!

Here are some strategies to help you overcome the work’s weight gain challenges.

  • Cold Lunch – Get old school and pack your lunch a few times a week. Not only will this save you money, it will keep your food choices controlled.
  • Walk around – Instead of spending your entire lunch eating and sitting more, get out and go for walk. Walking can help you digest, de-stress, and burn some calories.
  • Make a Plan For Traveling – When I have clients who travel, we spend some time really planning out a game plan for their time away for work. I give them nutrition guidelines, tell them to make healthier choices, give them workouts that the can do anywhere without any equipment.

But the most important reason why we plan is to get them into the right mindset before they travel. If you travel, write out a game plan before you leave and include the things you will need to focus on for the trip.

  • Know What Your Eating For Lunch –  This one strategy that can absolutely rock the compliance meter. If you don’t know what your eating for lunch when you get to work (when your not hungry), chances are that by lunch time when you are starving, your not going to care to much whether or not it’s healthy just as long as you get some food.

Instead, make an effort to know what your eating for lunch and decide on something when you can think clearly and your stomach’s not making the decision for you.

  • Eat Breakfast and Plan Snacks – When you skip breakfast and miss snacking opportunities, you are probably going to be starving at lunch time. This can lead to consuming a huge lunch, self loathing, and some serious after lunch sleep coma. On top of that, a huge lunch can lead to a late dinner, and more weight gaining habits.

A great way to curb your hunger at lunch time, is to get in a balanced breakfast or morning shake (check out our easy breakfast here) and snack every 2-3 hours.

  • Find like minded co-workers – Not everyone is health conscious at work. I used to work with a guy who would eat out for lunch everyday and systematically alternate mexican food (taco bell was his favorite), burgers, and Ivars.

I think you can understand why I didn’t eat lunch with him.

Instead of tagging along with the going out to eat group, find like minded co-workers who keep health a priority in their life.  We spend a large portion of our lives working and when you get lost in your work, you can easily forget to take care of yourself.

Today, the statistics are telling us all that, we are in fact getting lost in our work.

Make sure your not forgetting to take care of yourself! 

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