During the work week, it’s a constant battle to balance your fitness lifestyle.

After all, the lifestyle is about more than just working out and eating right. It’s how everything fits together to support the way you want to live your life.

As crazy as the week can get, I know a lot of people who actually thrive monday – friday. It’s an organized chaos. Most Reign Fitness members have mastered it.

The scheduling and time management aspect of their work week, allows them to stay consistent with compliant behaviors, workout effectively, and eat for their goals. It just works for them.

But when the weekend hits, it’s almost like they forget who they are, and act out of character.

Whether it’s trying to do too much or nothing at all, the weekends can pose a little bit of a challenge – which is why I’m going to share, in this post, some ways to really make some progress over the weekends.

Let me tell you in advance that I’m not an advocate for trying to make something it’s not.

Like the fact that…

Some fitness and nutrition advice just isn’t cut out for the weekends.

So, I’m not going to give you tips that you may already do or would benefit from during the week. The weekend is a time where most of us enjoy the results from all of our training but it still needs to be consistent with your fit lifestyle.

All of the strategies I give you, will help you either enjoy, improve, and stay compliant with your goals.

My advice is to only pick one or two things. Try them.

If they work for you, great. If they don’t, don’t worry about it and move to the next progress strategy.

But the biggest mistake I see people make is either trying too much or not trying at all.

10 Ways To Get Better and Make Progress Over The Weekend 


1. Practice Mindful Eating

Life can get pretty hectic during the work week and make meal times completely chaotic.

Whether it’s your breakfast on the go, rush our lunches, or scrambling around the dinner tables – it’s important to slow down when you can. Which is what mindful eating helps you do.

Mindful eating is simply being aware and attentive in the moments when you eat.

Benefits of Mindful Eating…

  • It can help you from overeating
  • It gives you time to think about what your eating and why your eating it
  • It can help with digesting
  • It can help increase the enjoyment of food
  • It can help you identify personal triggers and associations that you may have with food
Check out this post from Zen Habits on How To Master The Art of Mindful Eating 

2. Make-up or Plan An Extra Workout 

When you miss a workout, don’t forget about it, reschedule it when you can.
But it doesn’t have to take up a lot of time, after all, the weekend is for enjoying the results you work your ass off for in the gym. Keep it simple on the weekend and Crush a 15 min Metcon or Fat Loss Workout. Then be on your way.

If your struggling to keep the lifestyle consistent on the weekends, especially with staying active. Schedule an extra workout on the weekend to keep behavior consistent and morale high.

3. Try 1 New Thing For Fit Lifestyle 

It’s amazing how much information and fitness lifestyle strategies you already know.

“But all this information is useless without action.”

So, take time on the weekends to try 1 new strategy that you think will help you improve your  fit lifestyle. If it works, great – apply it into the rest of your week. If it doesn’t work, don’t get stuck on it, move on to the next strategy.

4. Cheat Meal 

Warning: This is only if you have been 80 – 90 compliant with your current nutrition program. 

Some trainers and fitness experts may think I’m crazy for doing this but I only offer strategies that I’ve seen produce real life results and this is one of them.
Scheduling a cheat meal on the weekends (I said 1 cheat meal, not cheat day) can give you motivation all week to stay compliant and work for your reward. It can also help you from over stressing and self loathing because it’s part of your program and is planned.

A cheat meal can also act like a reset button for your body if you’ve been on a low or no carb diet.

Your Move: Plan a cheat meal after a workout on the weekends to help you stay compliant during the week and not stress out about eating something bad!

5. Plan and Strategize For The Week 

On a scale of 1-5, how compliant are you with behaviors that match your training lifestyle goals? The number can be a direct reflection of when and how much time your devoting to planning.

Are you planning and scheduling every morning, on mondays, or not at all? When consistency becomes an issue, improving preparation can be a quick solution for increasing your success rate.

Your move: 
Take 15 minutes, void of distractions, and work on planning and inputing strategies that will help you throughout the week.

6. Hunt and Gather or Go Grocery Shopping 

Rather than shopping for groceries during the week, after work when your starving or when your rushed for time, schedule a shopping trip on the weekends.

The weekends give you an opportunity to spend some time creating a shopping list that will support your goals and go to the store without stressing about time.

Tip: Plan your shopping list around major meals and check out this article for an awesome breakfast.

7. Watch Less TV and Read More 

I used to struggle to find time for reading.

You know…

Distraction free and not right before you go to bed. I used to try to read right before bed and I’d get a few paragraphs in before passing out.

Schedule some time on the weekends to catch up on your reading and really get something out of it! This is a great time to learn more about fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies.

Tip: Get out of the house and go somewhere else to get this done. This will help make your reading feel even more worth scheduling. Go to a coffee shop, book store, park, or even your back porch.

8. Be Adventurous  

The Fit Life is about enjoying your results.

Why else are you in the gym training your ass off and working hard on nutrition.

“But sometimes we forget about the enjoying part and get caught up in the working hard part. This is a quick way to get burnt out and lose focus on our goals.”

So it’s important to take time on the weekends to go out and enjoy your results. One great way to do this is by creating your very own bucket list of training lifestyle adventures. Create a list of everything that you’ve wanted to do – kayaking, hike a certain trail, climb a certain mountain, check out a specific farmer’s market, etc.

Then take time every weekend to do one of the things and cross an adventure off one of your lists.

Tim Ferris posted an awesome article to help you work towards experiencing some of the things you’ve always wanted to do.  Playing B-Ball with Obama: 6 Steps To crossing anything off your Bucket List 

Also, check out nerdfitness.com and see how Steve’s been working towards crossing things off his own Epic bucket list.

9. Work On Becoming A Better Cook 

At 27, I’m far from being an expert chef.

But I know this.

Which is why I work on my cooking skills at least once a weekend and cook a new meal for dinner. It’s not the typical mid week cooking, where I’m scrambling to get something made because I’m hungry, it’s mindful.

When I cook a meal on the weekends, I will plan, research, shop, prepare, and really focus on improving my skills. Okay, it’s more like focusing on how to make really great tasting meals that are still compliant but I learn a lot.

Learning to cook has significantly helped my fitness and all it took was dedicating 1 meal on the weekend to getting better.

10. Check into a hotel: Catch Up on Sleep and Recovery 

It’s not breaking news that more and more people are becoming sleep deprived. Myself included.

But information is useless without action.

When it comes to the training lifestyle, sleep and recovery is important for results. I see people overtrain all the time and never take an opportunity to recover or recharge. Not only are they losing the opportunity for more fat loss or muscle gain, they’re losing energy for their next workout. Eventually, they lose steam and momentum.

Trying to catch up on sleep sounds great but I know it can be challenging to do at home. So leave.

Check into a hotel with just an overnight bag and get started on re charging.

Tip: It doesn’t have to be expensive or even very far away, just go somewhere that helps you focus on yourself and recharging. Check out hotels with specific overnight recovery packages or even a cheaper bed and breakfast is a great choice to help you de stress and catch up on sleep. Plus they’ll take care of breakfast!

Don’t let your weekends slip by anymore.

They are a great opportunity to make progress and enjoy the fitness lifestyle.
I want to know what you do over the weekends to help you make progress for you fitness lifestyle.

How do enjoy your results?

Always Reign Strong!

– Albert

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