stress ball

The time you spend working out is valuable.

Whether it’s 20 minutes running around the neighborhood or an hour in the gym, it’s time your dedicating to improving the quality of your life.

But when you haul mental clutter and stress into your workouts, training can become counter productive to your goals.

It’s not uncommon for people to use working out as an outlet for mental stress but when it comes to getting the most out of each training session and working towards some specific goals…

Mental stress can limit the potential of your workout.

Have you ever had a workout, where you struggled to get in the “zone”? Maybe you couldn’t lift the same amount of weight, struggled to keep good form, or even wasted a bunch of time zoning out and losing focus.

All of these can stem from a cluttered mental state.

At Reign Fitness, I ask all my clients to work on de cluttering before workouts, and now I want to share some of those strategies with you.
Stress is messing with your workout. 
When you go to the gym with mental stress, remember that working out and training is going to be putting physical stress on your body.

Your body doesn’t perform very well under all this pressure, in fact all that stress can put your body into it’s fight or flight mode. Being in this survival mode can lead to an excess of hormones that store fat and limit your potential for muscle growth.

By de cluttering your mental stress, you will be able to focus on your workouts, goals, and increase your potential for achieving even more results.

How To De-Clutter Mental Stress For A Better Workout 

1. Change the time you train. 

If your training after work and you know that trying to de clutter your mental junk is only going to stress you out even more, pick a different time to train like mornings, where you can give your workouts the best possible you.

Are you training in the mornings and your not a morning person?  Maybe you stress out about getting to work on time the entire time your working out? Try switching it up to after work and kiss some stress goodbye.

2. Give yourself extra time to get to your workout.  

Traffic can easily heighten stress levels, especially if you have a time commitment for your workout.

Just think of how easily your last episode of road rage was triggered and how quickly it was over. Not one my proudest moments.

Your move: Schedule a little extra time for travel. Give yourself a little extra cushion because even if you do show up early, you can spend that time for de cluttering your mental stress and transitioning into a training mind set.

3. Plan 10-15 minutes of de cluttering time before you workout. 

Scheduling an extra 10-15 minutes for de cluttering before your workout can help boost your performance, attitude, and potential for results.

This time is to help you transition from work, home, or any other mental cluttering environments to a mind set that’s focused on your fitness goals and improving the quality of your life.

Some things you can do to help de-clutter.

  • Listen to music – Listening to music is a complex task for the human ear and when you turn on a song, it can help divert attention away from mental stress. The music you listen to can also be associated with a separate feeling such as happiness, excitement, or peacefulness. Pick music that will help you get into the right mindset for training.
  • Breathe – control your breathing by taking 3 seconds to inhale through your nose, hold your breath for another 2-3 seconds, and exhale for a final 3 seconds out of your mouth.
  • Review Goals and Why Your There – Re-establishing the purpose behind your workouts can quickly boost

4. Brain Dump 

A brain dump is when you take everything on your mind, such as a list of errands, things you have to do for work, or even a grocery shopping list, and write it out. Writing it out, can give you a visual layout that helps with organization and can keep you from over stressing.

Writing a checklist of your to-do’s can also help you feel confident in your ability to complete the errands. This can help you focus more on your workout and less on everything else.
De cluttering mental stress can definitely make an impact in your training lifestyle.
But only if you take action.

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