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  • "A good gym should always be measured by its people and their motivation, and in my opinion, Reign Fitness is one of the elite gyms in Puget Sound. The owners put 100% of their focus on all their members, all the way to the miniscule detail, something you don't see at every gym. If you're looking for a gym thats more about family, friends and results you need to try Reign Fitness out."
    Pj V.
  • "I was very impressed by how focused, friendly and hardworking everybody was. It's the kind of gym I'd be proud to be a part of. It definitely not your average gym."
    Catherine K.
  • "I had struggled for years with significant back pain due to a herniated disc. After working out with Albert for a few months, all the pain went away due to me being in much better shape, having a stronger core, and increased flexibility. Really changed my life and now I'm able to be more active in my 30's than I was in my 20's! Thanks Reign!"
    Benjamin L.
  • "It's hard to describe how unique and awesome Reign Fitness and Performance is compared to other gyms. This is a sanctuary where you can leave your daily stress at the door and for an hour focus on your health and getting stronger not only physically but mentally. Albert and Mesia are 100% client driven and it shows in their programming of workouts and their dedication to encourage, motivate, and inspire everyone who walks in the door."
    Seon K.
  • "I absolutely LOVE Albert and Mesha. However, what keeps me coming back is the relationships that you build with them and all the members. It's truly like an extended family. Heck Mesha is a favorite in my call list, I talk to her every day! They know exactly what I need to do to get results! I'd recommend Reign to everyone!"
    Marky K.